June 8, 2011

My first appointment today is a man, late 20’s, ABS, educated, has a career he loves, his long term goal is marriage and children. He prefers to meet someone who has always been single, has no kids, but knows she wants to have kids. He said “Is that possible?” I said, “Once I have the rest of your information I will know how many matches I have for you that meet your preferences.” He said “Will I be limiting myself too much?” I said “I would suggest you also be open to ladies who are divorced who do not have kids and know they want kids. The Bachelor on TV who had 30 beautiful bachelorettes to choose from, chose the only lady who had a child. Ideally it goes back to someone who has as much in common with you as possible, so a lady who has always been single, has no children and wants children would be the best match but if she has a one child and wants to have more you might want to consider her as well.” He was very clear with me about not wanting to meet a lady who has even one child but he would consider a lady who has been divorced and wants children. He would love for the mother of his children to be a stay-at-home mom and he can afford it. He said “I want to raise great kids and I am more than willing to do my share. I don’t want them in a daycare when they are two years old.” He feels there are many ways to raise good children but the best way is for them to be raised by their mother and father. He enjoys the outdoors, hiking, camping, skiing, volleyball and road trips. He said “I heard your radio commercial where you said “physical attraction only takes you so far” and I have experienced that too many times. I want to find it all in one woman and also be attracted to her.” I have four ladies who appear to be good matches and that does not allow for new ladies who become clients or ladies who come “off hold”, meaning they are dating someone now but it might not work out and they may become available again. He said “Let’s do this, it makes sense.” Like so many of my clients, he has every other part of his life where he wants it, the only thing missing is the person to share it all with.

As of yesterday my Dad is now in rehab at the Center at Centennial where he was last year when he fractured his hip. His pain in under control, he seems comfortable but he is already talking about going home. He asked the nurse how long she thought he would be there and she said “I really can’t tell you until they have had a chance to work with you more but most people stay at least two or three weeks.” He said “I will be ready to leave by Monday, so if you can’t find me you better be looking behind you.” Hot shot, Jack, two days in rehab and he’s ready to go. I was visiting him tonight and he was trying to navigate a laptop. The main reason he wants a computer is so he can email his girlfriend. Dying is the last thing on his mind, AND, he informed me tonight he is getting a new kitten. He will be 88 on Sunday and when we walked into the rehab center he said “I was in this same place this time last year for my birthday, next year I want you to make reservations somewhere else.”

To be continued……………………..