March 10, 2012

My first appointment today is a “be back”, a man I interviewed a month ago. He is mid 60’s, divorced, highly educated, grown children, his long term goal is a serious relationship and he is open to marriage, if necessary. He thinks three decades of being married might be enough for this lifetime but “never say never.” He is a very smart man but his income level is much less than most of the ladies I work with in this age range. He is the man who said he thinks “chewing gum is like dancing for the feet.” He told me he would be back in a month or two and, true to his word, he is back, and confident that my odds of finding the right lady for him are much greater than his odds on his own. He came in with his check book in his hand and ready to go.

My second appointment is a lady, late 50’s, highly educated, widowed, grown children, and her long term goal is marriage. She was married for over 30 years and her husband died suddenly. I asked her if she had a happy marriage and she said “Oh, yes!” She agreed with me that she is very fortunate to have had that experience and she looks forward to the idea that there is still another love of her life yet to come. She has been dating and shared the usual interesting stories about her experiences of dating again after 30 years.

She hikes, bikes, plays golf, works out three or four times a week, lifts weights, has a personal trainer, loves theater and concerts, wants to travel more, especially outside the country. She is not into TV, and appreciates a man who has a good sense of humor. She certainly has a good sense of humor. When I asked her physically what was important to her as far as a man is concerned she said “I like short, fat men who are not very good looking.”

I said “You are kidding. You work out and are very fit, why would you prefer a man who is overweight?”
She said “I want a man who really loves women and I want him to be crazy about me, I don’t really care what he looks like and I like short, fat men. Give me a short man with a big belly and I am in love.”

She was raised Protestant but converted to Catholic because she likes the ritual. She said “I love a good show.” She is open to any Christian faith as long as they are not too right winged. She likes to travel and is going to New Mexico for spring break by herself to go to a cooking school.

She is excited about moving on with her life and sharing her time with a special man. She said “I had it all once, and I believe I can have it again.”
I said “If you think you can, you can.”
She is going to be a hoot to work with.

My third appointment is a lady, mid 30’s, ABS, always been single, an attorney, her long term goal is marriage and she is open to having children. She is very physically active but she is not a Barbie doll.
She said “I road bike and I did a one week road trip with thousands of other people. I got so tired of looking at all these small butts. I can do the same thing they are doing, but I want a man with a butt bigger than mine.” She truly is beautiful, gorgeous hair, skin, face, teeth, extremely bright and very successful.

Besides road biking, she enjoys downhill skiing, hiking, has traveled all over the world, and wants to do the Eco trail in Peru. She loves concerts, especially at Red Rocks, and has a number of favorite bands she has seen in concert many times. A sense of humor is very important to her and every time I talked to her about a man I thought would be a good match she asked “Did he make you laugh in the interview? Do you think he has a good sense of humor?” She said “The funnier, the better, and I can’t do skinny, don’t match me with a skinny man.”

She is a delightful young lady and, although she is an attorney, her temperament score is an “8” on a scale of “0” to “10”, extremely easy going. I told her most attorneys I have worked with are much lower in temperament, usually a “4” or a “5”. She said “In my work environment, I can be a bulldog, but in my personal life, I am a pussycat.” And she really is as sweet as she can be. I look forward to finding her a very special man who has as much to offer her as she has to offer in return.

To be continued…….