March 21, 2012

The young lady I interviewed on Tuesday did come in and sign up yesterday. Once again, my gut feeling was right.

I spent most of Thursday in Denver meeting with an advertising agency, and for the first time in 21 years, I am going to turn my advertising over to a professional agency. I am already blown away by their ideas for marketing Perfectly Matched, so stay tuned for some big changes in all my print and radio ads!

I am leaving for the airport within the hour to go to Phoenix for my sister’s memorial service. She died January 21, 2012 but her family delayed her service until tomorrow so everyone could make plans and be able to attend. We are an Air Force family and we live all over the country. My two daughters are going with me, without their kiddos. This will be the first time EVER I have gone anywhere with just my two daughters since they became mothers. I am looking for to sharing this time with them and I am also looking forward to celebrating my sister, Dolly’s life with all the other people who love her and miss her.

Remember to tell your loved ones every chance you can that you love them. You never know when the next time could be the last.

To be continued……