March 22, 2011

My first appointment today is a man, late 30’s, divorced, educated, grade school children, and his long term goal is marriage. He loves being with his kids and they are his first priority. He is a referral from a friend who met and married his wife through Perfectly Matched. He is a “9” in affection, on a scale of “0” to “10”, and a “1.5” in finance. His two most motivating scores are the two areas of a relationship that are very often most crucial, affection and money. The closer a score gets to an extreme, which would apply to both of these scores, the harder it is to find a compatible match. It is very uncommon to meet a man who is this affectionate and this frugal. Actually, a “1.5” is beyond frugal, it is extremely tight, squeaky, and not a finance score I normally see with a “9” in affection. In a nutshell, his scores would say he needs, wants, and loves attention and affection but he is unwilling to spend any money unless it is absolutely necessary and makes sense. I just don’t see how those two attitudes go together. I have never seen it. He is very flexible on his preferences, open to all races, height preference starts at 4’8, age preference 30 to 45, loves kids, has no educational or financial requirement and the only non negotiable is smoking, he will not meet a smoker. As soon as I had his scores I knew he would not be making a decision today and I was right. He needs to “think about it for a week to 10 days” and he will let me know. I have no idea what is going to change in the week or so he takes to think about it but my guess is he will talk himself out of it because he would rather keep his money in the bank. I will be surprised if he becomes a new client.

My second appointment is a GRRRRRR…cougar. I have had some borderline cougars lately but this lady told me in our initial phone call she is a cougar…and proud of it. She is early 40’s, divorced, one grown child, smart, funny, financially stable and secure, and she is not going to settle for less than she wants. It is kind of fun for me after 23 years of matchmaking to meet with ladies who are just like men when it comes to dating younger but I still have to ask them the same question as I do the men, “why limit yourself?” She said “I like a hard body, and everything else hard, and when they get over 40 they turn to mush.” Before I even had a chance to say anything about Viagra, she said “I can’t stand being with a man who has to take something to make it happen. Should I take it, when should I take it, I don’t want to waste it, blab, blab, blab.” She thinks 32 to 35 is the perfect age for her. Her height preference is 5’10 or taller (she is 5’4) and physical attraction is not that important. She said “If he is a hard body and taller than 5’10 , I don’t care if he looks like Quasi Moto. In the dark, they all look the same.” Because of her preferences I sold her less matches than my regular programs. Fortunately, I have a couple of matches who meet her preferences and both of them are better looking than Quasi Moto. There is someone for everyone.

To be continued……