March 25, 2011

My first voicemail today was from a man who had met the lady I matched him with last night. He said “I tell you, you hit a homerun this time. I hope it’s mutual. We just clicked and I felt happy when I left. Please let me know what she has to say.” It was not only a great way to start my day, this man has met a number of ladies and this is the most enthusiastic response I have ever had from him. I hope it is mutual, too, and I can’t wait to get her feedback.

My first appointment today is a man, early 50’s, divorced, educated, handsome, very tall, and his long term goal is a serious, long term relationship, and possibly marriage. He has two children he is very proud of and the last one will graduate from college in May. He said “My kids are my greatest pride and joy and now that they are both finished with college it feels like another milestone has been accomplished.” His children went to expensive colleges and they had partial scholarships but the financial investment he has made towards their education was substantial. He said “I was out to dinner with some friends the other night and talking about how good it feels for them to be doing so well and that I might do something special for myself to celebrate this milestone. I went to the restroom and saw your ad and thought what could be more special than finding the right lady.” He has not been in a serious relationship for two years. He is not meeting anyone he has been excited about and he is not interested in putting his information online. He said “Calling you was a stretch for me, but I am glad I did.” I talked with him about four different ladies and he responded positively to all of them. He said “I have been meeting ladies who need to be rescued either financially or emotionally and the ladies you are talking to me about sound like they have solid, stable jobs and lives.” I know the tall ladies won’t like to hear this, but he likes petite, short women. The good news is that short to him goes all the way up to 5’9. He has a Harley and, although it is not a deal breaker if someone does not want to ride with him, it would be a real plus if she did. He has dated only one lady who would ride with him and he really enjoyed sharing that experience. He also wants to travel more and would love to visit Australia and New Zealand. His age preference for a lady is 45 to 55. I told him it was refreshing to meet a man in his age range who will date up to his own age, and even a little older. He said a friend tried to introduce him to a lady several months ago and he declined because she is 58. A few weeks later he ran into his friend and she was with this lady and his friend introduce them and he thought she was gorgeous. Unfortunately, she was already dating someone else. I said “Great, I just changed your age preference to 45 to 58.” He agreed if he finds her attractive the age does not matter. I should get an award for all the older men I convince to date ladies up to their own age, and even older.

My second appointment is a man who thinks he is God’s gift to women. He is late 60’s, divorced, highly educated, retired and wants to have his cake and eat it too. He is extremely frugal and wants a lady who will split everything down the middle; meals, trips, all the expenses. He also wants a lady who is “a love machine”. His words, not mine. He looks like Woody Allen, without the sense of humor. He talked nonstop about sex and, by the time he finished, I could not think of one lady I would feel comfortable matching him with. I told him I did not have any matches for him. Trust me, he is not the type of man who would inspire anyone to be a “love machine”. I always say there is someone for everyone, but today I may have met the one exception.

Tomorrow I have two ladies coming in for interviews. They both sound great and I will bet a year’s salary neither one of them will be looking for a man who is looking for a “love machine”. I still can’t believe he actually, seriously, said “love machine”.

To be continued……………………….