March 27, 2012

My first appointment today is a lady, 30, ABS, highly educated, her long term goal is marriage and children. She is tall, extremely fit, and healthy. The right man for her would be very self confident and not threatened by a woman who is physically strong and also very self confident.

She loves watching live sports, hiking, biking, camping, fishing, concerts, live music, reading and doing manual labor. She grew up with brothers and a father who taught her how to work with her hands. She enjoys history and natural parks and she looks forward to exploring some of the national parks, like Mount Rushmore, with someone special.

She reminds me of my oldest daughter who is not a girly girl, but is a natural beauty. Not much makeup, and comfortable in casual clothes that suit her lifestyle.
She is a little shy, so it was not easy for her to call me and come in for the interview. During the interview I could tell she was getting a little uncomfortable and distracted.
I said “Maybe I am overwhelming you with the information I am sharing on these men I think are good matches for you.”
She said “Honestly, it was very hard for me to come here, and it is even harder to hear about these men who sound so good. This is a really important part of my life and there have been times I have wondered if the type of man I would like to meet even exist. It makes me very nervous.”

She said she would like to “think about” everything I shared with her and get back to me by Friday.
I think she will be a new client soon, and I hope she will. She has so much to offer to the right man, and I am confident that my odds of finding him for her are so much greater than her odds on her own.

My second appointment is another young lady, late 20’s, also highly educated, her long term goal is also marriage and children. Highly educated means they have a Master’s degree or higher. This young lady has quick, easy smile that is so appealing. She is easy going, a little shy, and sweet as she can be. She was referred to me by two couples who met and married through Perfectly Matched. She was impressed that I knew immediately who those couple were when she shared some information with me on them. One of the couples met and married over 10 years ago, and the other met and married five years ago. Both of these couples are much older than this young lady, but that did not diminish her level of enthusiasm for joining Perfectly Matched.

She said “I just got my tax return back and I knew I was going to call you and set an appointment as soon as I got it.” I so appreciated her premeditation and sincerity about how important this decision is for her.

She said “I was born and raised in Colorado, but I am not much of an outdoors person. I am a girly girl and I love crafts, jewelry, playing with different hair styles, and I love, love, love movies, live music, and concerts.”

She works out at the gym at least five or six times a week and she is very healthy, but she is not a Barbie doll.
She said “I like a man who is at least my size.”
I said “Most women are more comfortable with a man who is at least their own size or larger.”

She has a wonderful relationship with her parents and siblings. What I enjoyed most about her was that fabulous smile that almost never left her face and the feeling of happiness she exuded throughout the interview. Some lucky fellow is going to be very happy to have her as his wife and the mother of his children, and, lucky me, I get to find him.

It is so refreshing to interview these young ladies who are making their personal lives a priority at this stage, instead of their late 30’s, or early 40’s, when their window of opportunity to become mothers gets smaller and smaller. They have more time to take their time and get it right, especially through Perfectly Matched where they will meet serious minded men who know they also want to have children.

To be continued…….