March 29, 2011

My first appointment today is a lady, mid 40’s, divorced, self employed, educated, and her long term goal is marriage. She has been an entrepreneur all her life and many of her endeavors have revolved around animals. However, in her early 20’s she was one of the youngest women to earn her pink Cadillac from Mary Kay. She will be an empty nester in a couple of years, and looks forward to making her personal life a priority. She enjoys horseback riding, fishing, dancing, loves hockey, cooking, travel, and wants to become certified in scuba diving. She ended a long distance relationship a few months ago and he was the first person she has been excited about in years. After three years of back and forth she realized, not only was the relationship not going to work out, but also, he was not the right person for her. There is nothing like the thrill of being excited about someone to make you realize how good that felt and how much you want to feel it again. Now that she knows it is possible to feel all those feelings again she wants to experience it with a man who IS the right person. Her mom saw my ad in the paper, cut it out, handed it to her and said “Call this lady.” Thank you, Mom, I will do my best to help your daughter find the right man!

My second appointment is a lady, early 50’s, divorced, married for over 30 years, grown children, and her long term goal is marriage. My experience has been that women and men out of long term marriages very often want to be married again, even if their marriages were not happy or fulfilling. The last time she dated she was a teenager. All she knows is being married. I am going to help her date and explore her options. She has no basis of comparison because her ex husband is the only relationship she has ever had. She enjoys gardening, walking, working out, wine tastings, movies, concerts, and LOVES to cook and watch cooking shows. Considering that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, it is surprising how few women mention cooking today. I look forward to helping her with this important part of her life and she is my neighbor so I better do a good job.

I had a conversation with a new client today and she said “You are my filter for meeting the right men and I feel like you are protecting my heart.” Her comment was very special to me because we are not off to the best start but she appreciates that I do not match her to just match her and she knows I have her best interest at heart. She is overweight and she knows that can limit the options I have for her but she also does not want to meet someone who will be uncomfortable with her weight. She is as sweet as she can be, an “8” in temperament on a scale of “0” to “10”, she has a fabulous job and great kids and she does not need to settle for less than she deserves because of some extra weight. In my 23 years of matchmaking I have often thought how many more matches I could make if weight was not such an issue for men and height was not such an issue for women.

Tomorrow I have two men coming in for interviews, both is their 40’s, and both sound like great guys. One of them interviewed with me in 1992 and he cannot believe I still have his paperwork. I said “If you become a client you will win the award for the person who has waited the longest to come back.” He was 28 the last time we met. It will be interesting to see how his scores may have changed after almost 20 years!

To be continued……………………………….