March 3, 2011

My first appointment today is a man, mid 60’s, divorced, no children, retired, and his long term goal is friendship and companionship. He said “I have been married twice, enough of that, and I have not lived with anyone for ten years, enough of that, too.” He has a beautiful home he plans to stay in and he prefers to meet a lady who has a home she plans to stay in. He said “I like living alone but I welcome an overnight stay occasionally.” I said “What would be occasionally?” He said “Weekends, during the week, whatever works.” He loves to travel, and Greece and Italy are on the top of the list. He does not mind paying for the trips, especially if “she is a fun companion.” He is well traveled and enjoys the planning and detail it takes to make a trip run smoothly. He said “I would love a lady who would trust me to make all the arrangements and just pack her bags and go.” I asked if monogamy was included with the friendship and companionship?” He said “Absolutely, if I find the right lady I could spend the rest of my life in a monogamous relationship. I don’t believe you have to be married to be in love, committed and monogamous.” Besides traveling, he also enjoys the arts, plays, good food, good wine and good music. He said “I am a pretty decent cook and some of my favorite times have been cooking in my kitchen sharing good wine and good conversation with a special lady.” His friends and family often ask him why he hasn’t found the right lady because they think he is a real “catch”. He said “I don’t know what to say to them anymore but I know I would love to get this right the next time, just like your commercial said, and that is why I am here today.” One last thing, he is a HUGE Bronco fan. He has season tickets and while he is not fanatical about attending every game, he is going to be at least watching every game. He said “Hopefully she can tolerate my Bronco mania.” I said “If you are cooking for her and taking her on trips I think she will probably tolerate your Bronco mania. Wouldn’t it be nice if she was also a fan?” He said “Everything else I am looking for AND a Bronco fan? You find me that lady and I will double your fee.” I got it in writing.

My second appointment today is a lady, late 30’s, ABS, a hair stylist, and her long term goal is marriage. She is not interested in having kids and prefers to meet a man who does not have, or want, kids. She said “I am a kid myself and, like the song, “Girls just want to have fun”, that’s me.” She has a motorcycle and wants to meet a man who also rides. She has been riding for ten years and she thinks it keeps her young. Her age preference for a man is 25 to 35. She said “I know I am emotionally immature and I like that about myself, that’s why I have more in common with younger men.” She has two dogs and you must love her dogs, or, more importantly, they must love you. She prefers to meet a man who is at least six feet tall and “no wimps!” All of her preferences considered, I currently have no matches for her but it was a fun interview. Something just told me not to call her a “cougar”.

Feedback from a lady after her first meeting “As soon as he saw me his mouth literally fell open and I said “What?” He said “You look just like my ex wife, you could be her twin!”
She did not quite know what to say and he assured her his ex wife was very attractive. Within seconds of meeting someone she was not expecting to be talking about his attractive ex wife. The meeting was going well until he called her by another woman’s name…yep, the ex wife’s. The meeting never got back on track after that and she has decided she is not interested in a second meeting. She said “He seems like a nice man but it would be too weird to try to get to know him wondering how often I might remind him of his ex wife.” He had already called me with his feedback and it was mutual, he also thought it would be too weird, but he thought she was very attractive.

To be continued………………