March 5, 2011

My first appointment today is a lady who shared with me that she has herpes. She has had herpes for many years so she certainly knows what it is like to live with it. She asked me if I had any experience matching clients who have herpes. I have had experience matching clients who have herpes and she wanted to know if I shared that information upfront before I matched them. I basically share whatever the client feels comfortable with me sharing and, considering the high percentage of people who have herpes, the odds are I have had clients who have not disclosed they have herpes. She said “It was years before I dated but at this point I have had “the talk” with a number of men and it never gets any easier.” Only one of those men made her feel uncomfortable. The others shared they know other people who have herpes and they did not consider it a show stopper. We agreed I would not share that information upfront, but she will share it if there is an interest to get together a second time. She said “It is very controllable if you are responsible and I would never do to someone else what was done to me and be intimate with a man without letting him know I have herpes.” She said “I might change my mind and ask you to share it upfront and get it over with.” I said I would do whatever she prefers. She said “Are you concerned that someone will be upset with you if you don’t tell them upfront?” I said “I do not feel it is something that needs to be shared before you meet and I trust you will share it with them, just as you have with me.” She wanted some time to consider our conversation and she will get back to me. As she was leaving she said “I think I will do this and I think I will let you have “the talk” with them before they agree to meet me. It would be interesting to see how that goes.” I could not help but empathize with her and I so appreciated her honesty. I hope I have to opportunity to work with her.

My second appointment cancelled but wants to reschedule. Initially, she wanted to come in for the interview with her girlfriend but I told her I prefer to meet with her one on one. I have done two interviews at once a few times and two girlfriends are fun to interview but it takes forever and it is not as effective.

I had a call today from a lady who married a man I matched her with eight years ago. They married three months ago and I am curious to connect with her and learn if they have been in a relationship all this time. It is always interesting to hear why a couple decides to marry and it is always special when they call to let me know.

I have been very busy this week helping Peak Education prepare for their annual Magic of Two event. I volunteered to be on the committee last October and I have a new appreciation for any event I go to in the future. Peak Education is a wonderful organization that gives underprivileged kids an opportunity to have their college educations paid for if they successfully complete the Peak Education program. For more info you can visit Fifty of the kids were at this event and it was very uplifting to meet and chat with them. There were over 300 people and it seemed to be a big success. I was in charge of the raffle so I recruited my daughter and my friend Yvonne to help and they were dynamite. There were also a couple of dozen volunteers from Colorado Springs Utilities and they were so friendly and helpful. I sat with a Dad and his daughter to stuff candy kisses and a magnet in 55 bags and they talked about all the volunteer work they have done together. She is 13 and she has been doing this with her Dad since she was 8. They were volunteering for another event the next night. What a wonderful way to spend time with your kid and she was having a ball.

To be continued……………….