March 6, 2012

My first appointment today is a man, early 50’s, divorced, grown children, retired from the military, and his long term goal is marriage. Like so many retired military people I worked with in Colorado Springs, he is in his second career working for a government contractor. He has been divorced for just a few months and he is excited about dating and meeting some new ladies. He considered the internet but he does not like the idea of having his picture and information online. He likes that I will do all the screening and serve as a filter to help him meet the right ladies.

He said “I am on a computer all day at work. The last thing I want to do is go home and spend hours on a computer trying to find the right lady.”
He was very surprised at what his scores told me about him. He said “How can you know all that about me from just 46 questions?”
I said “People say that all the time. I have worked with these scores for 23 years. I have come to understand them and how to use them to match you with someone who will think much the same way as you in these six areas of compatibility.”

He enjoys the outdoors, hiking, camping, and wants to do more fishing and hunting. He likes rock concerts, and occasionally, jazz and country music. He would love to go back to Tahiti with someone special. He has traveled all over the world with his military career, but he has not yet been to Australia, and would like to also go there with a special lady.

I really enjoy helping people who are just out of long term relationships or marriages to get out there and start dating again. Initially they are kind of naïve about how it all works. It is fun to see how their preferences become more focused and fine tuned with each match. He is a happy fellow and ready to get started on this important part of his life. Definitely emotionally available.

From today until St Patrick’s Day, the 17th, I am offering 50% off all my programs, and only on Donna’s Daily Diary. I want to pump up the volume for the beginning of Spring and help get the momentum going. Spring time in the Rockies, what a wonderful time to fall in love, or at the very least, date have fun and make some new friends. Call 260-1000 or email me at www.perfectlymatcheddating to schedule your one hour complimentary consultation, and let’s see how many matches I have for you. It could change your life!

To be continued…..