May 11, 2011

My first appointment today is a man, mid 40’s, divorced, highly educated, grade school children, and his long term goal is marriage. He seemed sad to me. Sad that his marriage has ended, sad that he won’t be raising his children with their mother, sad about the choices he and his ex wife made that ended their marriage, and sad that he has to start all over again. He is very physically active and participates in a number of sports in addition to coaching some sports for kids. He likes to travel and intends to go many places with his kids. He enjoys biking, hiking, baseball, football, theater, concerts and plays. He is a tall man who is attracted to short ladies. Go figure. I said “Who is going to date the tall ladies if all you tall men want to date short ladies?” He agreed to go up to 5’10. He is an “8” in temperament, very easy going, and at the end of the interview he said he “would think about it and let you know tomorrow.” I have a feeling he is not ready but if he is, you have to start somewhere, and I think getting out there to date and have some fun would be a good thing for him…if he is ready.

My second appointment is also a man, early 50’s, divorced, highly educated, and his long term goal is “absolutely” to be married again. He has a grown child from a first marriage and grade school children from the second marriage. He has had one relationship since being divorced and is excited about dating and meeting some quality ladies. He thinks exploring his options through a process like Perfectly Matched will be a lot of fun. He also likes that I will be involved as a third party before and after each match, and that the matches are based on more than physical attraction. He tried the online dating services and found them to be too time consuming. He has two fascinating careers, one of which requires him to travel all over the world. He often combines work with pleasure when he travels and would love to meet a lady who could travel with him occasionally. He enjoys traveling, photography, sporting events, concerts, hiking, skiing, dining out, theaters, concerts and spending time with his kids. He likes a lady who is “young at heart and young minded.” When I asked him physically what was important to him as far as a lady is concerned he said “I am not generally attracted to ladies who are too thin. I like ladies that have womanly bodies.” He said he would come back tomorrow to sign up because he preferred to write a check and he did not have his checkbook with him. After 24 years, I am almost always right about when someone will follow through and when someone probably will not. I say this man will definitely be back tomorrow. I have some great matches for him and he is emotionally available and ready to move on.

I read a quote the other day I would like to share. I don’t know who said it but it is “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” Nothing to do with matchmaking, but it makes me think about who I still could be, even at this time of my life.

To be continued…….