May 12, 2011

My first appointment today was my second appointment yesterday. I was right about him following through and, so far, I am right about the first appointment not following through. Timing is everything and I believe everyone does this when the timing is right.

My second appointment is a lady I interviewed two years ago. She said “When I met with you two years ago you asked me a question that I have used as a barometer every time I have thought about calling you back.” At that time she was dating a man for three years but she knew it was not going to work and wanted to meet other men. She said “The question you asked me was, “ if I was going to match you with a man who was in the same situation with a woman as you are with this man you are dating, would that be comfortable for you?” She said “I immediately said “No” and you said “Well then.” She has been out of that relationship for a year and is finally ready to date. Again, timing. She is mid 30’s, ABS, a teacher, her long term goal is marriage and children. I have heard her story many times, she wants kids, he said he did too, but he really doesn’t, at least not with her. Their relationship ended a year ago and he is already married and expecting a child with another lady. She said “It is actually a blessing in disguise. There were many other things that did not work, including financial irresponsibility, not many shared activities, he drank too much and he got fat.” She has dated in the last year but is getting nowhere fast. She said “I know you have men who are serious minded and I am tired of wasting my time.” As much as she wants children of her own, she is also considering that a man who has children and does not want anymore could be a good match. She said “I just know I want to have children in my life, his, ours, adopted. I want children I can nurture, love, mentor and do the best I can to be a positive influence in their lives and help them be better people.” My largest group of professional women are teachers and teachers become teachers because they love children. This young lady would be a wonderful mother and I hope to help her find the right man to raise some great kids together.

To be continued……………