May 14, 2011

My first appointment today is a lady, mid 40’s, divorced after a long term marriage, no kids, and her long term goal is marriage. She is a tall, almost 6 feet, a Midwest girl. Since her marriage ended she has had one relationship that ended about six months ago. She has been reading my daily diary and thinks that exploring her options is a good idea. She loves music and concerts, country, rock and pop, working out, reading, weekend get-a-ways, and, although she does not have kids, she loves kids and would welcome the opportunity to have kids in the picture. She does not have any pets but she loves animals, especially horses. She said “The main reason I called you is because I am tired of wasting time. I have seen and heard your ads for years and I know I don’t want to go on the internet and put out my picture for all the world to see.” While I was interviewing her I kept thinking she looks like some actress but I couldn’t place who it was. She said “A lot of people tell me I look like ________________.” I won’t say who that is because it is too identifying but she does look like this one actress who has a reputation for being, should I say, promiscuous.” She said “Every time someone says that to me I say I may look like her but I am not like her.” I told her I won’t tell anyone she looks like that lady but I bet I get it in feedback when I match her. I actually have a surprising number of good matches for her even though she is almost 6 feet tall because she has very match able scores, she is thin, and very open on her preferences.

I left my office at 1:30 on Saturday to attend a wedding. I have probably been to more weddings than the average person because of what I do and I am always interested in how two people choose to express their love for each other in their ceremony. This couple has a total of six children between them and I have never attended a ceremony where so many children, as young as four and as old as fifteen, were involved in the ceremony. There was a positive energy and optimism created by everyone in the room, but especially the children. It made me think about how the decisions we make as to who we choose to spend our life with can effect so many others. This is the second marriage for both of these people and I hope it works, not only for them, but for all these beautiful children who are so happy their parents have married. At one point I found myself talking with a lady who was there because her ex husband was once married to the lady who was getting married. I said “I don’t think I can ever recall being at a wedding where I met an ex wife of and ex husband who is here because she is still friends with her ex husband’s ex wife.” She said “Our kids are siblings and I really like her.” Nice.

To be continued……………………..