May 17, 2011

I had no appointments today so I spent most of the day on the phone matching and communicating. Four phone calls took two hours. Some days I do more coaching and counseling than I do matchmaking and this was definitely one of those days. It is very unique to be in the position to hear both sides of the story and usually the stories are similar but, occasionally, it is clearly apparent that two people can see the same situation very differently. This is where I can come in very handy. I know I have said this before, but whenever a relationship ends and the first feeling you feel is relief, it is probably a good thing the relationship is ending. That was actually a story line in Desperate Housewives last night. Now who would not expect a matchmaker to watch Desperate Housewives? When she was telling her husband of 25 years and five children that the first feeling she felt when she thought he had left was “relief”, I saw it coming before she said it. In the case of the couple I spoke to one of them felt relieved and the other thinks they can work it out.

I also spoke to a matchmaker in Phoenix who is interested in referring people to matchmakers in other cities and she wanted to know if I would be interested. She assured me she would not refer me any ladies who are overweight, any men who are short, or anyone who smokes. I told her I don’t limit myself that way, I believe there is someone for everyone, and she could refer anyone to me who is serious about meeting the right person. I also told her if someone is looking for a matchmaker in Colorado Springs I am pretty easy to find because I am the only matchmaker in Colorado Springs (that I am aware of), and if you Google dating services Colorado Springs or go to the restroom in approximately 60 restaurants, bars, health clubs, etc., in Colorado Springs you will see my ad. However, we agreed we might both have referrals for each other, and I am very open to that idea.

Another man called me today and wanted my opinion about starting a service that plans and sets up dates for couples. He actually has some really fun ideas about different kinds of dates he can set up and many of them take advantage of enjoying the great Colorado outdoors. I told him I think he has some great ideas and I would be happy to share them with my clients if he decides to pursue it. He said he would have a website setup in a day or two and get back to me. I am always open to new ideas that can make dating more fun.

Tomorrow I have two appointments, a lady late 30’s, and a man late 40’s. They are both referrals from previous clients and one of them has a brother who met and married his wife through Perfectly Matched. He has been bugging her to call me for years. She said “I have tried everything else, I may as well try you.” I laughed and said “I am excited to meet you, too.” She said “I didn’t mean it that way, I am just so tired of dating and getting nowhere.” I said “I know what you mean, I hear it all the time.” Hopefully, I will have some good matches for her.

To be continued………………..