May 18, 2011

My first appointment today is a man, late 40’s, divorced, grown children, educated, new to Colorado Springs, and his long term goal is marriage. He moved here a couple of years ago to get a new start. He spent hours online researching where to live and narrowed it down to two places, Austin, Texas and Colorado Springs. He visited both places twice before deciding on Colorado Springs. All things considered, the weather was a determining factor. He visited Austin in August and Colorado Springs in January, times when he thought he would least like the weather in both places. He said “The heat was worse than the cold.” The second time he visited Austin in March and Colorado Springs in July, when he thought he would most like the weather. He said “The hot summer days in Colorado that cooled down to beautiful cool nights won me over.” He also thought the people in Colorado Springs were very friendly. I told him that was one of the reasons I wanted to move to Colorado Springs 34 years ago. He said “I have a great home in a great place and a great job, all I need is a great lady to complete the picture.” He said “Planning and making the move was a good distraction when my marriage ended. I decided to make that a focus instead of trying to date and I knew I was leaving.” In the last year he has dated and had fun but he is ready for a more serious commitment. His daughter came to visit and put his info on one of the online dating sites. He said “The only positive thing that came out of that was my daughter and I had lots of laughs and so much fun putting it together.” He found it to be too time consuming and he did not meet anyone he went out with a second time. He said “I have been curious about what a Matchmaker could do for me. I was impressed with your website and I am impressed with you and the ladies you think will be good matches for me.” After his internet experience he feels he must look at a picture before he meets someone. I said “Trust my judgment on the first match and if you are not attracted to her I won’t count her as a match and I will show you a picture on the next match.” He won’t be disappointed.

My second appointment is a lady, late 30’s, ABS, educated, self employed and her long term goal is marriage. She said “My long term goal used to be marriage and children but two years ago I decided I am too old to have a baby. What I want now is to find the right man and have adventures.” I said “What do you mean by adventures?” She said “To a great extent, travel, but I also am open to what my partner would consider adventurous. We may not have to leave the state, or even the bedroom.” She laughed, but she wasn’t joking. I have her conformity and affection scores. She is very funny and quick to laugh. She has a pretty, down to earth, natural look. She reminds me of my oldest daughter, pretty without even trying. She loves the outdoors and hiked all over Italy a couple of years ago with a girlfriend. She said “I cannot tell you how many times on that trip I thought about how much fun and how romantic it would be to be in Italy with a boyfriend.” Her brother met his wife through Perfectly Matched and they have been happily married for 12 years. He has been trying to get her to call me for years but it was what her sister-in-law said that made her pick up the phone and call me. She said “You aren’t getting any younger and nothing is happening for you. You should call Donna.” I do have some great matches for her and I matched her two hours after she left my office. When I called her with his information and number she said “I called my brother and sister-in-law and told them I signed up with you and they are so excited. My brother said “I have been telling you to call her for years and Susan says something one time and you call and sign up the next day. What did she say to you?” She said “I told him she said you were right, I should call Donna. No way I was going to tell him she said because I was getting old and getting nowhere.” Brothers have a tendency to throw those things back in your face.

My grandson, eight years old, saw a picture of Prince William and Kate and he said “I know who they are, they are the Prince and the Princess. Which one is mortal?” I guess there is a fine line between fairy tales and reality when you are eight years old.

To be continued………………………