May 29, 2012

My first appointment is a lady, early 30’s, educated, ABS (always been single) her long term goal is marriage and children. This young lady just finished a 13 year military career and has moved back to Colorado Springs where she was raised and she is very happy to be home. Her family is very happy to have her home!

She is active and wants a man who will share in some of her activities. She enjoys mountain biking, rock climbing, downhill skiing, snowboarding, running, and hiking. She has done a dozen marathons, and participated in the Tough Mudder challenge. She also enjoys traveling and would love to travel outside the country. She appreciates the performing arts, and loves going to see a play.

She grew up hearing my radio commercials and seeing my ads, and always had it in her mind to call me when she retired from the military and returned to Colorado. I know I have been in business for 21 years but it still took me back to realize this accomplished young lady was aware of Perfectly Matched when she was little girl.

I said “You are in such a good place to make your personal life a priority and look at all you have already achieved at such a young age!”
She said “I knew it would be difficult to make my personal life a priority while I was in the military and moving around every few years. Returning to Colorado, getting married, and raising children here has been a dream for a long time.”

Now I have to opportunity to make her dream come true. She has only been back two days, she didn’t waste any time!

My second appointment is a lady, mid 50’s, divorced, self employed, has grown children, and her long term goal is marriage.
She said “I have been divorced for a few years and it is just recently that I have begun to feel the desire to share my life with someone special. I don’t go to bars, I don’t believe church is for meeting men, and there is really nothing I do to meet someone.”

She was invited to join a group of women for a shopping and dining experience recently.
She said “That night was one of the most fun times I have had in years and it was a real bonding experience.”
As they shared their stories she mentioned that she was starting to feel like she was ready to have a man in her life again. One of the ladies met a man through Perfectly Matched that she has been very happy with for seven years and she said “You must call Donna.” Two days later, she is a new client.

She is very traditional, private and shy. Calling me and coming in for the interview was definitely outside her comfort zone. But it is also an indicator as to how important this has become to her.
She said “Honestly, the idea of meeting someone new scares me, but I know I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life. I went to your website and had a feeling I would be comfortable with you, and I like that you meet everyone personally and verify their driver’s license.”

She loves hiking with her dog, traveling, snowshoeing, walking, the symphony, opera, classical music, and wants to hike the Grand Canyon, go to Ireland, try golf and kayaking.

She is hoping to meet a man who has a good heart, is kind, sweet and tender. The only relationship she has ever had was her long term marriage and unfortunately, he was none of those things.

This was one of those “she deserves a break” interviews for me. I look forward to introducing her to a man who deserves and respects her. Sweet lady!

A quick “Dad update”…his primary caregiver quit two weeks ago and it has been a nightmare trying to replace her. My Dad is determined to stay in his house, even if it takes every penny he has, and it looks like it could. Bottom line, 24/7 care with two ladies doing most of the hours and an agency filling in when the ladies cannot be there, amounts to approximately two thousand dollars a week.
He said “I am going to be like Frank Sinatra and do it my way.”
There you have it!

To be continued……………