May 3, 2013

This is how Perfectly Matched works:

All my matches start with six scores (which are on a scale of “0” to “10”) from the profile test; your level of Temperament, how easy going, or not easy going you are, Sociability, Conformity, Affection, Religion and Finance. I look to match you with someone who has scores as close to yours as possible, except for the temperament score. Two people low in temperament will butt heads and fight, and two people too easy going don’t address the issues. Opposites in temperament can balance each other out.

Similar long term goals, that the couple wants the same thing out of a relationship; marriage, children, living together, or maintaining separate residences.

Shared interests and activities, most people feel it is important to share some or many of their interests and activities.

I pay attention to the issues like smoking, drinking, kids, pets, education, income, intellectual compatibility, and of course, physical attraction.
What I do at Perfectly Matched is opposite of what you do on your own. I start with the things that matter, and then add the mutual physical attraction. When my clients meet and there is a mutual physical attraction, there is so much more potential for success in a relationship.

This is the information I share when I make a match:

As far as physical aspects; age, height, weight, color of hair and eyes, clean shaven, or facial hair.

Background information includes:

Where the person was born and raised.
How many siblings they have, and where they fall in the birth order. Where their siblings and parents live and whether or not they have a close relationship with them.
If anyone else lives with them.
What kind of pets they have and whether or not they will meet someone who has pets.
How many children they have and what kind of schedule the children have with themselves and the other parent.
Where they work, how long they have worked there, what hours they work, whether or not they travel with their job.
If they own their home, or rent.
I do not share income but I know what their income is and I look to match them with someone on a compatible income level.
Their level of education.
Their religion, if they go to church, where they go to church, how often they go to church, and what faiths they are open to meeting.
My clients complete an activity survey but I also share the interests and activities they mention to me in the interview that are especially important to them.
I ask my clients to take home complete an Ideal Relationship and Special Moments form. In their own words they write about what an Ideal Relationship would be for them, and the Special Moments of their life that have been important. I share that information with everyone I match them with.
I take a picture which is mostly for my reference, but I am not opposed to showing pictures under certain circumstances.
If a client perfers I not share some information I normally share, I do not share it.

A match is made when both clients agree through the information I share with them that they would like to meet.
The man calls the woman to set up a time and place to meet. I suggest they keep the first phone call brief, it is just to set up the meeting and those conversations can go very differently when a couple meets and knows what kind of chemistry and attraction they have for each other.
They meet on neutral territory and agree to spend an hour together. I do not recommend lunch or dinner, they usually meet for a cup of coffee.
At the end of the meeting they agree to call me with their feedback.
I share the feedback with each of them and it is decided if there is enough interest to get together a second time.
The feedback is what makes the process work. I truly get to know my clients, and when you are thinking about it, talking about it, and hearing what the other person has to say, it almost forces you to become more focused and fine tuned.

I continue to match a client until they meet someone they have an interest to pursue one on one. At their request, I put them “On Hold” and we see what happens.
If it works out, great, I have done my job. If not, when they are emotionally available I start matching them again.

There is no time frame on my service. You purchase a certain number of matches and however long it takes you to meet that number of matches is how long we would work together.

The advantages of Perfectly Matched are:

I do all the work. I use 25 years of matchmaking experience to put together quality, compatible matches. I do more coaching and counseling than I do matchmaking to help my clients meet, date, and navigate relationships more effectively.

I know when I meet with you how many matches I have for you and I share information with you on at least a couple of those matches.

Your information is totally confidential. I do not put any of your information on a computer. I make all the matches by hand. I do not have anyone who works for me or with me.

You meet serious minded people. Anyone can go on the internet, but not everyone is going to make the financial and emotional investment to join Perfectly Matched. You are allowing me to be involved as a third party and there is no game playing.

You sign a contract that gives me permission to do a background check, and also states if you give me any false information, I can cancel your membership and keep your money.

I don’t give up! There is someone for everyone and I believe your odds of meeting the right person at Perfectly Matched are so much greater than on your own.

The bottom line is, it only takes ONE right one.

Call 260-1000 today for you no obligation interview and let’s see how many matches I have for YOU!!!

To be continued……………….