November 10, 2010

My first appointment today is a “be back”, a lady I interviewed in March, early 50’s, divorced, a doctor, grown children, and her long term goal is marriage. Since she met with me she has been trying the online services and has had enough bad experiences to send her back to me. She said “I could not believe how many men disregarded my preferences that I clearly stated on my profile. I felt like saying, did you not read what I wrote?” I said “They don’t read what you write, they just look at your picture.” The last man she met said he was 60 and he looked much older, he probably was. When I book an appointment I tell everyone I am going to verify a valid driver’s license. They need to prove they are who they say they are, and they are the age they say they are. Many people think women lie about their age as they get older but my experience has been that older men are more inclined to lie about their age because they want to date younger women, and they don’t want them to think they are too old. This lady is petite, pretty, very smart, active and she has a lot to offer to a relationship. She was talking with a friend and saying she was going to go back to Perfectly Matched and her friend knows me and was very encouraging. I have some great, quality matches for her and I am very confident she will have a much more positive experience with Perfectly Matched.

My second appointment is a lady, early 30’s, divorced, one child, highly educated and her long term goal is marriage. She is very open to having more children but if a man has children and does not want more children, that would be fine. Her mother has been encouraging her to call me. I told her in the last month she is the third young lady whose mother has encouraged her to call me. She will finish her Doctorate degree in two years but she is not necessarily looking for a man who has an advanced degree. She said “If he is a good match for me intellectually, I don’t care what his level of education is.” She is exactly right, intellectual compatibility is more important than educational levels. I said “I can easily see you being compatible with a man older you.” She said “My mother says the same thing.” I shared information with her on four men I think will be good matches for her and the man who is 42 looks like the best match for her. She agreed. She is going to talk with her mother about our interview and get back to me. She is very physically active and fit but she is also tall and muscular. She said “I won’t be a good match for a man who is looking for a Barbie doll.” I said “I won’t match you with a man who is looking for a Barbie doll.” She is so young, there is a lot of time to get this right. I hope she will be a new client.

A voicemail today from a lady who has been dating I man I matched her with for a little over a month…”I really, really like him but I think I should meet other men before I commit to being in a relationship with him.” What am I suppose to say to the next man I match her with? She really, really likes this man she has been dating for a month but she wants to meet you before she decides if she is going to commit to a relationship with him. I will call her tomorrow and ask my “put it in perspective” question…If I was going to match you with a man who was in the same situation with a lady as you are with this man you are dating, would that be comfortable for you? It is sometimes amazing the amount of silence that follows that question.

To be continued………………..