November 9, 2010

My first appointment today is a lady, early 40’s, divorced, educated, no children, and her long term goal is a long term relationship, possibly marriage. She is new to Colorado, although she vacationed here as a child with her family many times. I told her I have interviewed tons of people who eventually moved to Colorado Springs because they also vacationed here as a child with their families. She talked about the first time she saw Garden of the Gods when she was six years old. She said “I felt like I was walking in a Fairy Tale. I had never seen deer or rabbits so close to me and every summer we came here I felt like someday I would live here.” She has her dream job in her dream place and now all she needs is her dream man. She is active and also came to Colorado for the outdoor activities she enjoys; skiing, hiking, snowmobiling, the mountains and the sun. She has nonconforming scores and asked “Do you think I am too liberal for Colorado Springs?” I said “I won’t match you with men who will think you are too liberal. I will match you with men who will LIKE the fact that you are liberal.” Low conformity scores and low religion scores almost always go hand-in hand, as do high conformity scores and high religion scores. I shared with her that I have lived in Colorado Springs 33 years, before everyone thought it was too conservative and there are still lots of liberals here. She would especially like to meet a man who wants to explore Colorado with her. She said “I want to see much, much more of Colorado.” Any volunteers?

My second appointment today is a man, early 40’s, divorced, educated, no children, and his long term goal is a long term relationship, possibly marriage. He appears to be a very good match for the lady I had just interviewed. I had thought about it earlier when I compared their ages, height, general information, that it would be fun if they were a good match for each other. As soon as he walked through my door I thought if their scores were a good match and everything else seemed compatible, they would definitely to attracted to each other. I hardly ever think “definitely” when it comes to people being attracted to each other because “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and I have not had the experience of matching either of them to have a basis of comparison to know the “look” they find attractive. I don’t usually match a new client with a new client but this match just screams to be made and perhaps it is not a coincidence they came into my office the same day, only an hour apart. Fate? Karma? Timing? Destiny? Or, the fact that they both took a proactive step to do something to find the right person. I believe in all of it!

To be continued…………………………………