November 16, 2010

My first appointment today is a lady, mid 30’s, a doctor, ABS, her long term goal is marriage and definitely children. She has traditional scores and would prefer to be a fulltime Mom. When I first saw her I immediately thought of a man I felt might be a match for her. As soon as she took my test and I had her scores I could not resist talking to her about him. I said “I am going to do something I have never done and interrupt the interview to talk to you about Dan before you tell me anything else about yourself.” I explained that I just had a feeling about him for her as soon as I saw her and their scores are very compatible. She told me on the phone before she came in for the interview that her long term goal was marriage and children and I know his long term goal is the same. They appear to be a great match for each other. In additional to the fact that they are compatible, they both want to be married and have children, they have many shared interests and activities, and they are on compatible income levels. If the intellectual compatibility and physical attraction is mutual there is a lot of potential for success. As she left I said “This may not be your perfect match but if he is, it will make a great story.” I matched her an hour later so we won’t have to wait long to find out.

My second appointment is a “be back”, a man I interviewed four months ago, decided now was a good time to join Perfectly Matched. He is mid 60’s. divorced, grown children and grandchildren, retired, and his long term goal is marriage. He told me when I interviewed him that he was exploring his options as far as dating services were concerned and that I was the first person he called. I asked him what other services he was considering and he mentioned the online services and a couple of national services in Denver. He said “I quickly eliminated the online services, it took too much time and I don’t want to go to Wyoming or Kansas to meet someone.” He also did not appreciate the “hard sell” approach he experienced at the two services he interviewed with in Denver. He said “I told them the same thing I told you about exploring my options and the lady interviewing me said she would go get a drink of water while I was “thinking about it.” He told her he was not ready to make a decision “today” and in short order she cut the price in half. He said “All that told me was if I had said yes the first time I would have paid twice as much as was necessary.” He said “I never imagined myself trying to date after retirement. I thought I would be enjoying the fruits of my labors with my wife and doing some of the things on our “bucket list” but she had other ideas. As soon as my retirement was official she told me wanted a divorce and she had basically been waiting for my retirement to divorce me.” He asked her when she knew the marriage was over for her and she said “2005.” He said “What happened in 2005?” She said “Nothing, that was when I decided I did not want to stay married to you forever.” They were married for over 40 years and now he feels like he never really knew her. Since his marriage ended he had one serious relationship which was very passionate and loving. It did not work for long term but he is so grateful to have felt all those feelings and wants to feel them again. He said “All I want is to be happy and spend the rest of my life with the right person. I would do my best to make sure she is happy and we could create our own bucket list.” I asked him what was on the bucket list. He said “ Italy, I want to go to Italy. I have some family there and I could stay for a month or two in a villa my family owns and go on one adventure after another. I wasn’t looking forward to going with my wife but I would really look forward to sharing that experience with someone special.” I said “Why weren’t you looking forward to going with your wife?” He said “I didn’t really enjoy her company.” Sometimes divorce is a good thing.

My third appointment is a man, mid 40’s, ABS, educated, successful, charming, attractive, his long term goal is marriage and children. His relationship history is pretty brief…none that have lasted more than three months. I said “How is it possible that you have not had even one serious relationship in your whole, entire life?” He said “I have been told I have a fear of commitment.” I said “Who told you that?” He said “Every woman I have dated.” I said “Can everyone be wrong?” He said “Yes.” He swears he could and would to commit to the right lady because he knows he wants kids. I said “It sounds like you know you want kids more than you know if you want to be married.” He said “If I don’t eventually meet the right lady I might consider adoption.” I said “EVENTUALLY? You are going to be 50 in a few years. How long do you wait for “eventually?” He said “That’s why I’m here. I’m tired of waiting and I have stopped believing it will just happen.” His age preference for a lady is 28 to 36, because he wants to have children. I said “If adoption is also going to be an option you could date older than 36, and I have ladies in their 40’s who are interested in having their own children.” He said “I will meet anyone you think is a good match.” That’s what I like to hear!

To be continued…………………………..