November 12, 2012

When someone calls to inquire about my service, these are the questions I ask:
1) Where did you hear about my service?
2) Are you divorced, widowed, or always been single?
3) How long has it been since you have been in a serious relationship?
4) Who choose to end it?
5) Have you been dating since your last serious relationship ended?
6) Are you emotionally available and in the right frame of mind to meet someone new and move on?

People cruise through the first five questions, but when I ask if they are emotionally available, and they pause…usually it is because they are NOT emotionally available. If you do not know that you are emotionally available, you probably aren’t.

The person to most likely to be emotionally available is:
1) The person who ended the relationship usually has an easier time moving on. If you ended it because they cheated on you, they ended it.
2) One month for every year the relationship or marriage lasted, is a good rule of thumb for how long it takes most people to be emotionally available.
3) Someone who is comfortable with their own company.
4) Someone who has TIME to make their personal life a priority.

At Perfectly Matched I serve as a filter to determine emotionally availability before I invite someone in for an interview. After 25 years of asking the same questions, I know when I am getting a wrong answer. One of the worst answers I ever heard was from a man who had already told me he was two weeks out of a twenty year marriage, she ended the marriage because she met another man, they had not yet filed for divorce, and he was living in the basement.
When I asked him if he was emotionally available, he said “I know I am!”
I said “How do you know you are?”
He said “I can’t stand to be alone.”
I suggested he move out, get a divorce, and call me back.

If you are emotionally available and in the right frame of mind to meet someone new, you should give me a call. I can introduce you to other emotionally available singles who are ready to move on with someone special.

Call 260-1000 today for your no obligation interview and take advantage of my holiday offer of 50% off my regular programs until Thanksgiving.

It only takes one right one!

To be continued……………….