November 15, 2011

My first appointment today is a man, but instead of writing too much about him, I am going to write about the lady he would like to meet.

I will say this about him, he is tall, fit, handsome, highly educated, a wonderful father, very successful, financially secure, world traveled with plans to continue to travel the world, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, a published author, funny, genuine, real, down to earth, has a heart of gold, and is very accomplished.

His preferences for a lady would be someone between the ages of 40 to 52, height 5’2 to 5’11, attractive, active and fit. He is open to all races, she must be a nonsmoker, and although he agreed that intellectual compatibility is more important than level of education, she would probably have an advanced degree. Most importantly, she would have a desire to travel the world with him.

A lady who enjoys physical activity, biking, hiking, tennis, dancing, likes to cook, eats healthy, and takes care of herself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Someone who enjoys fine wine and fine dining, but can be just as comfortable at a pizza place as the Penrose Room.

Someone who is spiritual, emotionally available, a good conversationalist, comfortable in her own self, wants to share her life and family and does not speak harshly about others, especially a former husband or relationship. Someone who has a great sense of humor and laughs easily.

He told me if I find the right lady for him he will give me a 10K bonus. I have talked about “bonus guys” before and how today I get it in writing because in previous years, even when I have been successful in matching them with the right lady, somehow the bonus never materializes.

I did not ask him to put it in writing (which I do mostly for fun anyways) because I have no doubt he would be true to his word.

In fact, he paid me double my regular price and said “Donna, I am going to “double down” on you and when you find the right lady for me, I am going to give you a ten thousand dollar bonus.” Not “IF” you find me the right lady, but “WHEN”. If this man sounds like a good match for you, call me, and if you are a good match for him, I will make a complimentary introduction.

It would be nice to get a 10K bonus but it would be even nicer to find the right lady for him.

He is not asking for anymore than he has to offer in return and life with him would be like a fairy tale come true.

Think Prince Charming and let’s see if the slipper fits you! 260-1000.

To be continued……….