November 17, 2011

My first appointment today is a lady, late 40’s, divorced, educated, self employed, grown children, her long term goal is a serious, committed, monogamous, relationship. She is not interested in marriage.

She said “I think two marriages are enough for this lifetime.” I laughed and told her I always say my one 22 year marriage was enough for this lifetime. She asked if the fact that she does not want to get married would be a problem.

I said “Your scores are nonconforming and nontraditional, and there are plenty of men who will think it is a plus.” Her first marriage lasted over 20 years and her second marriage lasted only two years. She has been divorced for several years but it cost her dearly financially when the second marriage ended. She has recovered financially, but sees no reason to take another chance on marriage.

She said “I can be just as committed and monogamous without the piece of paper and, honestly, I think it takes more of a commitment to stay together when you are not married.”

She appreciates someone who is health conscious and takes care of himself. She loves to cook healthy, natural meals and participates in a community garden. She said “There are few things I enjoy more than cooking a delicious gourmet dinner for a man, or with a man, and sharing a great bottle of wine.” She also enjoys golf, hiking, gardening, theaters, concerts, music, and traveling. She has travel extensively in Europe, and would like to visit New Zealand and Australia with someone special.

When I asked her the type of man she finds physically attractive she said “I am open on height, age, race, and the qualities that make a man physically attractive to me, more than his appearance, are intelligence and a sense of humor. I love a man who can make me laugh and challenge me mentally.”

She has been thinking about calling me for years but it was her last meeting with a man from one of the online services that inspired her to pick up the phone and call. She said “I could not believe the picture he put on his profile, it looked nothing like him and he was very overweight. I could not wait for the dinner to end and when I went to the restroom and saw your ad for the hundredth time, I told myself, that’s it, I’m calling her.”

Her first match is going to be the first man I talked to her about in the interview. In his “Ideal Relationship” he said “I want to be with a lady who is responsible, but knows how to have fun and loves to laugh. She would be spontaneous and adventurous. I could call her and say “pack a bag and let’s go”. She said “Call him and tell him I’m packing my bag, and ready to go.” That is exactly what I will tell him.

Feedback from a man who met a lady for the first time. He said “She has the hottest sports car and she took me for a short ride. She was sweet and I would be interested me seeing her again, and if she is not interested in seeing me again, tell her I am interested in her car if she ever wants to sell it.”

To be continued………