November 18, 2010

My first appointment today is a lady, mid 50’s, divorced, educated, kids mostly grown, and her long term goal is marriage. She is quite tall so a good match for her would need to be at least 5’11. She is also quite shy and while it was not easy for her to call a dating service, she was referred to me by a man who met and married his wife through Perfectly Matched. A few years ago she joined a national dating service in Denver and paid $5000. She has been very disappointed in what has not happened. She is very budget minded and it was not easy to convince herself to spend that kind of money but she was not meeting anyone on her own so she took a leap of faith and did it. She probably would never have called another dating service if her friend did not keep encouraging her to call me. As the interview progressed she relaxed and I got to experience her sense of humor. She said “Since my divorce I have made my house my hobby and I love to change things around.” No more white walls. She enjoys downhill skiing, biking, walking, loves to read, works out regularly and would love to travel with a partner. She is a peach of a lady, very sweet and easy going. She said “You are a whole lot cheaper than the other service and I like that you will be the only person working with me.” I said I will do my best to make up for your experience with the other service.” $5000 is a lot to spend for nothing but frustration and disappointment.

I went home for lunch today and was going to put my parakeet out on the patio to enjoy the weather while I was home. I talk to this silly little bird all the time and I said “Pete, I told you the patio days were probably over but I was wrong, it’s nice enough for one more time.” The the bottom fell off of his cage and he flew away. I followed him until I could not see him any longer but he was long gone. I had Pete for four plus years and I feel so badly that he got away. I called the manager of the complex I live in and said if anyone finds a parakeet please call me. I also set his cage on the patio with the door tied open just in case. I know it’s ridiculous, I am guessing a little parakeet won’t have much of a chance of surviving outdoors tonight. My grandson called and said “Grandma, you take me to the pet store every time one of my fish dies. Let me take you to buy another parakeet.” He said “And I have money, I can pay for it too.” That certainly made me feel better and I am going to take him up on his offer. I said “You don’t have to pay for it, honey.” He said “I want to pay for it, it won’t be the same if you don’t let me.” He’s only eight but he has the emotionally maturity of someone much older. It’s agreed, he’s paying.

To be continued……..