November 19, 2012

Last week was a busy week. I interviewed eight people and six of them are now new clients. Most of them said they were going to wait until after the first of the year, but they were inspired to call because I am offering 50% off my regular programs until Thanksgiving.

Here are the basics on my six new clients, four ladies and two men:

The first lady is mid 40’s, divorced, educated, self employed, has grown children, and her long term goal is eventually marriage. She is just starting to date after her long term marriage has ended. A friend of hers who has been a client at Perfectly Matched for a few months referred her to me and told her about my special offer.

She works out four or five times a week, is very petite, and enjoys hiking, biking, weight lifting, yoga, and she loves the outdoors. She referred to herself as a “sunshine girl.” She loves cooking, traveling, reading, good food, good wine, reading, music, and animals.

I made her first match today with a man who is also a new client. I rarely match a new client with a new client but they appear to be such a good match, I could not resist.

He is mid 40’s, divorced, educated, has one child, and his long term goal is eventually marriage. They are both just starting to date after long term marriages have ended, they have very compatible “scores”, many shared interests and activities and I think they are a good physical match for each other.

What I do at Perfectly Matched is opposite from what people do on their own. I start with the things that matter and then look to add the mutual physical attraction. On their own, people start with the physical attraction because that is all you know when you first meet someone. Unfortunately, physical attraction has nothing to do with whether you are compatible, have similar long term goals, shared interests and activities, or anything else that matters.

Another lady is 50, divorced, educated, has grown kids, and her long term is marriage. She just returned from her second time with the Peace Core and is ready to make her personal life a priority. She has had experiences all over the world, which makes her appreciate Colorado Springs more than ever. Except for her time In the Peace Core, she has lived here almost 20 years.

My youngest client from last week is a lady, mid 30’s, ABS (always been single) and her long term goal is marriage. She does not have children and she is not interested in having children. However, she does not mind if a man has children. She is a fabulous cook, and she loves teaching others to cook. She has gone back to school for a second degree and looks forward to finding that one special man she is not meeting on her own to share her life.

Another man, 40, divorced, has no kids and wants to be married and have kids.
He said “I only want to meet ladies who want to have kids. I know I am no spring chicken but I am healthy, have a lot of energy, and don’t want to waste anymore time dating ladies who aren’t sure if they want to have kids.”

The last new client is a lady, early 40’s, divorced, educated, and her long term goal is marriage. She interviewed with me a couple of months ago and was going to wait until after the first of the year until she heard my offer for 50% off on the radio.

She said “Is now a good time to meet someone new with the holidays just around the corner?”
I said “The holidays will be over in six weeks. Maybe in the meantime you meet someone to share some of the holidays with..or Valentine’s day, or the rest of your life.”

One interesting thing about my new clients last week is that all of them have the same long term goal to be married, which today, is not the norm. Maybe marriage is making a comeback!

Because most people are focused on Thanksgiving this week, and many of us will be out of town, I am going to extend my offer of 50% off my regular programs for two weeks, until December 15th.
Instead of waiting for the New Year to make your personal life a priority, why not end this year by getting a head start on dating, having fun, and meeting other serious minded singles who are also interested in meeting someone special. It only takes ONE right one!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all spend some quality time with your family, friends and loved ones!

To be continued………