November 28, 2012

It is hard to believe Thanksgiving was a week ago tomorrow and Christmas will be here in less than a month. I returned from visiting my daughter and her family on Saturday and I woke up in the middle of the night with “something”..a cold, an allergy attack, the flu, I wasn’t sure but I knew it wasn’t good. Four days later it appears to have been just a cold. I drank a ton of water and got a ton of sleep, so it wasn’t all bad but there is nothing worse than feeling sick.

This is an interesting time of year in the dating business and I have the experience of 21 previous holiday seasons as a basis for comparison. Until last year, December was usually my slowest month in business because after Thanksgiving most people have a mind set of getting through the holidays. January is always my busiest month in business because people have waited, and they have made their New Year’s Resolutions. “Meeting the RIGHT person” Is right up there with “joining a gym.”

Last year I decided to offer 50% off all my regular programs for the month of December. I had my best December ever, and January was still a good month. This year, I started offering 50% off the two weeks previous to Thanksgiving. The response was so good, I extended the offer until December 15th , and my phone is ringing off the wall. It is the Kohl’s mentality. Everybody wants not just a discount, but a BIG discount, and $10 free cash for every $50 they spent and a coupon for more discounts, but you have to wait two days and come back to use the coupon. I think the person who does the marketing for Kohl’s is a genius. JC Penny tried to compete by advertising that they would have “real” pricing instead of offering discounts. They had the worst quarter in the history of their company.

Everybody wants a deal! So, here’s the deal…50% off all my regular programs until December 15th. I take off the last two weeks of December every year because, by then, everyone will wait until after the New Year.

I have three very interesting new clients I plan to write about tomorrow, and two prospective clients coming in for interviews.

It’s nice to be back to normal…get your flu shot!!!!

To be continued………………………….