November 3, 2011

My first appointment today is a man, mid 30’s, I interviewed him last week and he was going to interview with a couple of the dating services in Denver and get back to me. He decided to not interview with the dating services in Denver. He said “I like that you are local, and so are your clients and I like you and your program.” I gave him the contract to read and he looked at it for about two minutes. I said “You must be a speed reader.” He said “The contract is just a formality and I only do business with people I trust.” I already had all his information so I had a match set up for him with one of the ladies I spoke to him about in the initial interview. Instant matching, I wish I could do it for everyone.

I had a conversation with a new client about the fact that he went on the internet and gathered information on his first match before he met her. She met him and liked him, but she could not get over the fact that he told her he checked her out before he met her. She said “I felt like I had been stalked.” He knew her full name, her parents names, where she lived, how long she had owned her home, what groups and organizations she belonged to for starters. You would be surprised at the free information that is available on almost everyone on the internet, and if you want to pay for it, you can get even more information. Google yourself and see what you find. However, just because that information is available, it does not mean you should invade someone’s privacy by presuming they will be comfortable with you having that information, especially before you have met them and know whether or not there is even going to be an interest to get together again. I suggested to him that for future reference, he should meet a lady first before he does anything on the internet and, even then, ask permission to explore what might available on the internet and offer her the option to also check out his information. Or, better yet, date her and learn about her the old fashion way, by spending time together. What a concept!

I am not against technology but between the internet, cell phones, emailing, and texting I can see a time coming, if it is not already here, where we spend more time with our computers and phones than we do with people. I have a friend who got a new IPhone, or whatever, the newest one, and three of us sat at the bar last Friday playing with his new phone. He held his phone up to me and said “Say how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” I did, and the phone said “Don’t you have anything better to do with your time?” Someone asked me the other day if a had a smart phone. I said “I am not smart enough to know if I have a smart phone.” As is turns out, I do, and she started to show me all the things I can do with it, including accessing the internet. I think I will settle for knowing how to text and continue to focus on my people skills until they become obsolete.

To be continued………