November 8, 2011

My first appointment is a lady, late 20’s, divorced, educated, one small child, her long term goal is marriage and children. She said “I am so tired of meeting men who expect me to be into partying and drinking when they know I am a mother.” Last weekend she went out with a man who is the same age as her and he downed a half a dozen drinks and two shots in less than three hours. She called a girlfriend to come pick her up and take her home. She said “My idea of fun is being outdoors, walking, hiking, skiing, spending time with my friends and family, learning something new, volunteering for a worthy cause, cooking a great meal, and being the best mother I can be.” Having a child has convinced her that she definitely wants more children, with the right man. The father of her child is not in the picture but her family, parents, siblings, aunts and uncles all support her. One of her aunts met and married a man through Perfectly Matched several years ago and she encouraged her to call me. She said “My aunt said she did not use all of her matches and she thought maybe you could give them to me.” I said “One of the reason you meet serious minded men through Perfectly Matched is because of the financial investment they make. Your aunt married a man I introduced her and that fulfilled my contract with her. If I allowed everyone who did not use their matches to give them away to someone else I doubt that I would still be in business. I would love to have you a client but I would need to ask you to make the same investment that everyone else makes.” She said “Can I make payments?” I said “Sure” and she wrote me out six checks post dated one month apart. Do you think she is serious about meeting the right man? You betcha, and I have some great matches for her.

My second appointment is a “be back”, a man, mid 40’s, divorced, self employed, successful and his long term goal is marriage. He does not have any children, does not want children, and prefers to meet someone who does not have children, or whose children are grown and on their own. He said “When I interviewed with you a few months ago you had two ladies you thought were good matches for me that did not have children and did not want to have children, that would really be my preference.” He wanted to know if they were still available. One of those ladies is still available, but in the last six months I have two other ladies who appear to be good matches for him who do not have children and do not want children. He has nothing against children, he just prefers someone who has the flexibility to travel and spend time one on one time with him. He recently dated a lady for three months he was very attracted to but her “grown” children were very codependent on her, which reinforced his desire to not risk that complication in future relationships. I said “When to comes to kids, it depends on the kids, whatever their ages.” He agreed not to limit himself to only meeting ladies who have no children but he “strongly” prefers ladies who have no children. We will start with the lady he remembered from the initial interview who is still available….maybe waiting for him.

To be continued………………..