November 30, 2011

My first appointment today is a man, late 40’s, highly educated, retired military, self employed, divorced, grown children, his long term goal is a serious, long term relationship and possibly marriage. He has been a client for a little over two years and during that time he had three significant relationships that each lasted about three months. I have mentioned many times how often relationships end at the three month mark because that is when you start to identify the things that do, or don’t work. Today he signed up for more matches because he went through the matches he initially purchased.

He said “Donna, you know me so well now and we have come so close to finding the right lady, I am not going to give up.” He is very fit and active and enjoys hiking, fishing, weight lifting, snowboarding, jogging, biking, spectator sports, travel, dining out, entertaining, movies, music, concerts and reading. I do know him well, and the woman he is hoping to find is also fit and active, classy, intelligent, pretty, financially responsible and secure, laughs easily, likes to have fun and has a good sense of humor. His age preference is 36 to 50, height 4’10 to 5’8, he is open to all races and prefers someone who has some college.

This is a portion of his Ideal Relationship: “We’d challenge and complement each other in many diverse ways, but in a manner that allows us to grown and learn together. Lifting the other up when they are down or just giving them the space they need to life themselves back up. Just knowing and understanding sometimes with words, sometimes with a hug, but always with a caring smile. I would love to attend music events with my partner, particularly at Red Rocks. My ideal relationship would also involve us watching and attending sporting events, especially football, thought this isn’t a deal breaker. When children are at issue, my partner would understand that I am still committed as a father, even though my children are young adults and that I would be committed to my partner’s children just the same. Ultimately, it would be great to buy or maybe build a home together, one which accommodates both her need and mine. But, the one thing it must have is a spectacular view from the hot tub.” Great guy…sound like a good match for you? Call me at 260-1000.

My second appointment is a man, mid 30’s, ABS, educated, very tall, a military officer, his long term goal is marriage and children. He is very close to his family, his parents and two siblings. He has just a few more years left in the military and he plans to continue his education and get his Master’s degree. He plans to use his military experience and education and work for a government contractor when he retires from the military. I said “I work with many men and women who have done that in Colorado Springs.”

He values the opportunity he has to travel and has been to 35 states and 13 countries. He spent 36 months in Germany and 15 months in Iraq. He said “Living in different countries certainly helps you put life into perspective. You don’t realize how lucky you are to be an American until see how people barely survive in other parts of the world.”

His age preference for a lady is 27 to 35, height 5’2 to 5’11, he is open to all races, prefers someone who does not have children, but would consider someone with one child and someone who has an average to athletic frame. He said “And one more thing, I make a hell of a smoothie.”

He took advantage of my offer of 50% off all my programs until December 17th and I have some great matches for him. I love helping these young military men. I appreciate their service to our country and he has so much to offer to the right lady. We have already agreed on his first match and he is excited to get started. I am excited that I get to help him with this important part of his life.

To be continued………