November 4, 2010

My first appointment today is a man, mid 60’s, divorced, two grown children who have never left the nest, and his long term goal is marriage. He has been divorced for over ten years and his children have always lived with him. It is a situation that seems to work for everyone. I said “So what if you have a lady you want to take home to watch a movie, would the “kids” be there?” He said “Oh, no, we have worked all that out. I tell them I would like to be home alone and they understand.” I said “And if they want to bring someone home to watch a movie?” He said “I know how to not interfere.” For several years he had a medical problem and thought he was going to die. The proper diagnosis was finally made and he is as healthy as a horse today with a new lease on life. He said “I stopped by your office five years ago when you where on Northpark Dr. and I walked in without an appointment and we talked for about ten minutes. I walked out thinking, if I wasn’t dying I would like to do this.” It gave me chills and I immediately remembered him. I remember how sad he seemed. Five years later, he is excited about living life with someone special and is NOT meeting the right ladies. He said “Five years ago you said I was a good looking guy and in an age range where you would probably have lots of matches for me, am I too old now?” I said “The older men get, the more options they have.” He said “Indefinitely?” I said “No, just to their mid 60’s, so you got here just in time.” Divorced over ten years, just starting to date and I get to help him explore his options. This will be fun!

My second appointment is a mess, her own words. I said “If you consider yourself a mess, why would anyone want to meet you unless they were also a mess?” She said “Oh no, don’t match me with anyone as messed up as me.” The interview was pretty much downhill from there. She explained why she was messed up and she’s right, she is messed up. I KNEW, I KNEW when I booked the appointment that it was probably going to be a waste of time but she was engaging enough and funny enough for me to take the time. Bottom line, a friend told her that men with money go to dating services and she wants a man with money to take care of her. I said “And what do you have to offer him in return?” She said “Oh, come on, men only care about one thing, sex.” I cut to the prices for my services and she was out the door in a minute. As she was walking out the door she said “The women who pay you that kind of money must be desperate.” I said “That is simply not true.” After she walked out the door I said, to no one but myself, “ And if you want to see desperate, look in the mirror.”

I really do love this job…to be continued tomorrow……