October 21, 2010

I had to reschedule all my appointments for today and tomorrow because I am in Estes Park for the next two days. My daughter, son-in-law and two grandsons went to Estes Park for a four day vacation and at 6am this morning I had a call from my daughter that my son-in-law was about to have an emergency operation to remove his appendix. With a five month old and an eight year old, she needed help. Ben seems to be doing fine and they may release him tomorrow.

It’s 3pm Friday, the 22nd, and I just got back from Estes Park. They released my son-in-law this morning and he was resting at the condo when I left. It seems unbelievable they can do surgery and release someone 24 hours later but I guess that’s the way they do it now. They are going to stay one more day so he doesn’t have to do a two and a half hour drive today and everything seemed to be under control. I am going to the office now to reschedule my appointments and hopefully have some of them come in tomorrow. I am so glad I went. My daughter gave me the biggest hug when I left and my grandson tried to talk me into staying one more night. It’s nice to be loved!

I have 23 new messages waiting for me at the office….

To be continued tomorrow………………