October 23, 2010

My first appointment today is a man, early 50’s, divorced, educated, no children and his long term goal is marriage. He had read some of Donnas’ Daily Diary before we met and he was very complimentary about how helpful and informative he found it to be. He knows he won’t do the internet services, he is not into the bar scene, he likes the idea that I do all the work and filter the information. He is active, fit and looks for someone to share activities, especially skiing. He is just starting to date after a long term marriage ended but he has been divorced for a couple of years. He said “I agree with many of your philosophies, such as, keeping it on a friendship basis for the first three months and even if you have an interest to go out with the first person you meet keep your options open and meet one more match. Is that OK with the ladies?” I said “The ladies understand that just like them, until you tell me to put you ‘on hold’, you AND the ladies you are meeting, are available to meet someone else.” Many people will say they have never dated more than one person at a time because most people, when they meet someone they are interested in, stop meeting anyone else and follow that relationship to whatever conclusion. You are not “dating” someone until you go out with them about a half a dozen times. While you are deciding if you are going to date, keep your options open to meet others. The next person could be someone you are equally, or more, interested in getting to know. Also, my clients are involved in a process that allows them to explore their options so why not take advantage of that? He agrees and is relieved to have some help with this important part of his life. He has a couple of cats that he adores…a man with cats, the ladies who have cats will be thrilled.

My second appointment is a previous client and she has now signed up for my service for the third time. When I got home last night and checked my emails there was one from her and it said “Hi Donna, our son is now 17 and we agree he is the best thing that ever happened to us! I am single now and interested in talking with you about joining (third time might be the charm!)” They had the first baby from my service back in 1993. It has been eight years since I last worked with her. She and the father of the baby never married but they have always done an excellent job of co-parenting. She tried the internet services and I heard one more horror story about her experience. She said “I was surprised you are still in business because I would have thought everyone would go on the internet but, after my experience with the men I met on the internet, I appreciate the men I met through Perfectly Matched were much better matches and I know you can do a background check.” She is in her mid 50’s, her scores have not changed more than a half a point in all the areas of compatibility, she looks much the same and still weighs what she weighed in 1992. She said “I am a very casual person in my personal life. I can dress up but I am comfortable in jeans, don’t wear a lot of makeup, and I don’t want to see the disappointment in someone’s eyes who is looking to meet a ‘girly girl’.” No men looking for a ‘girly girl’….I got it.

My third appointment is a client who was requesting a refund after her first match. We came to a mutual understanding that we would continue to work together for a year and, if at that time, she still wants a refund, I will give her a refund. I said “I will give you a full refund.” She said “No, you should be paid for your time. I would be comfortable with half a refund.” I said “I don’t think I will be giving you a refund. I think I will find you the right man and use all my resources to make that happen.” I like this lady and I understand why she asked for a refund. To say it was not a good match would be an understatement. I made a mistake and I apologized and she understood. Sometimes you get a second chance and that matters more to her and me than the money.

OK, here was the response from the radio station in reference to my complaint about the political ad that was so offensive that I won’t even write the words again (see the October 20th entry). They have no control over censoring political ads, no matter the content, and they could be fined for not airing the commercial. Isn’t that lovely? I wonder where I could find a radio station that would not run those ads? Can you say SIRIUS?

To be continued Tuesday…………….