October 26, 2011

My first appointment today is a man, mid 30’s, ABS, educated, and into a very successful second career after a very successful first career. His long term goal is marriage, but only if there are going to be children, and he does not see himself being ready to have children until he is very possibly in his mid 40’s because he wants to make sure he is even more successful with some other business ideas he has. He admitted that he is an overachiever, and I acknowledged that I know many people do not know if they want to get married and have children until they meet the person they think they want to marry. However, his age preference for a lady is 25 to 36. I said “You are fit, attractive, already financially secure and very successful, but your long term goal to wait until you are in your mid 40’s to have children could be a limiting factor. What am I suppose to say to the ladies I match you with? He would consider having children when he is in his mid 40’s.” I told him I often mention in my daily diaries that people are waiting so long to start their families that they will be going to their children’s graduations and receiving their AARP cards in the mail at the same time. He meditates and is very much into personal growth. He said “When I am in a relationship with a lady they very often get into personal growth, too.” I said “Yeah, by osmosis.” He said “Exactly”. I looked up osmosis and the definition certainly applies: “The gradual, often unconscious, absorption of knowledge or ideas through continual exposure rather than deliberate learning.” He is going to interview with a couple of other services in Denver and let me know his decision. A very interesting, unique fellow, and I am sure life with him would be a continuous adventure.

My second appointment is a man, late 40’s divorced, educated, and his long term goal is a serious, monogamous, relationship. He has been dating on the internet dating services for a couple of years and this is what he has to say about that… “Internet dating has become like a huge, polluted pool, and we all know what people can do in the pool. All you need to join is a credit card, no shower is required, there is no lifeguard, and the only maintenance is done by computers and data bases. Most people have the good sense not to spend $30 to $40 a month on lottery tickets thinking they are going to become instantly rich, but the same people, and until now that included me, will spend that amount of money on an online dating service thinking they are going to find instant love, when in reality they spend hours with a computer and, like the lottery, end up with nothing.” He said he believes that 95% of the people online would not be anyone he would be interested in and he is tired of spending hours of his time looking for the 5% he might be interested in. He said “I cancelled all my memberships with the online services and called you!” He is a very match able man. He is tall enough, good looking, very smart, very funny, financially stable, generous, definitely has his own opinions, and is very high energy. He is enthusiastic and excited about life and the only thing missing in his picture is the right lady. He said “I am happy to turn this search over to you and I am sure the results are going to be much better.” He is another one who said he has been thinking about calling me for years. I am glad he finally did.

To be continued…….