October 28, 2010

My first appointment today is a lady, early 30’s, ABS, educated ,tall, thin, beautiful, and her long term goal is marriage. She does not have children and she does not want children. Nothing against kids, she has always known that she does not want to be a mother. I asked her a number of questions about not wanting to have kids to see if there was any room for discussion, there wasn’t. She is a “5” in temperament (on a scale of “0” to “10”), very direct and straight forward. She has dated enough to be very focused on what she does and does not want in a man and a relationship. When I am interviewing someone I always share information on two or three matches I think would be compatible. Most people will listen carefully and let me share all the information before they react. In short order ,she declined three of the men I started to talk to her about for different reasons. One of the men did not want children but he also did not want to be married, “put him away”, another sounded like he enjoyed the bar scene and hanging out with his buddies, “too immature”, another sounded like he was too cocky “I can’t stand cocky men.” I finally got a nod of approval on the next three men. I said “You are a bit jaded for someone your age but I appreciate that you know what you want, it makes my job easier.” A friend of hers met and married her husband through Perfectly Matched a few years ago and she has been encouraging her to give me a call, otherwise she would never have called a dating service. I think it will be very interesting to work with her and help her find a man who is not intimidated by her. I can only imagine the feedback I will get from her, and on her.

My second appointment is a lady, late 40’s, divorced, two children, her long term goal is a serious, long term relationship and possibly marriage. She is really funny, a dry sense of humor, and very unique. She is world traveled and would love to continue to explore the world with someone special. She is about 30 pounds overweight and we talked about that on the phone before she came in for the interview. She is on a new regiment to lose weight and wants to wait until she loses some more weight before she becomes a client. She said “I have lost nine pounds in the first week and I already feel so much better but I think I would feel more comfortable starting this when I have lost another ten or fifteen pounds.” I told her I would look forward to hearing from her when she is ready.

My third appointment is the man I interviewed initially back in 1992. His scores from the profile test did not change at all. He had exactly the same scores 19 years later. Most of his preferences did not change either, including his age preference for a lady. In 1992 he was 41 and his age preference for a lady was 35 to 45. Today he is 60 and his age preference for a lady is 40 to 50. I said “You are almost 20 years older and your age preference for a lady has only increased 5 years.” He said “I am much more compatible with younger women.” I pointed out that he has had three long term relationships in the last 19 years, they were all much younger than him, and he might be more compatible with someone closer to his own age. He said “OK, but I have to be attracted to them.” I said “And THEY have to be attracted to you.” I can’t help but wonder what his last 20 years of relationship history would have been if he had joined Perfectly Matched in 1992. Better late than never.

Feedback from a lady after her third date “He can’t possibly be as nice as he seems, there must be something wrong with him. He said he has been a client of yours for over a year and you have matched him ten times. Why didn’t any of those matches work and why is he still available?” I said “I think he is definitely as nice as he seems. He just has not met the right lady yet.” She said “Do you think I am the right lady for him?” I said “Time will tell, but he said you were the best match I have made for him and he is excited about getting to know you better.” She said “Don’t match me with anyone else for now.” He also called this morning and told me he did not want to meet anyone else. I think there is some magic in the air. Number ten might be the charm for him and he was only her second match. Three months, we’ll see if they make it past the first crucial three months.

To be continued tomorrow………………….