October 5, 2010

My first appointment today is a beautiful, mid 30’s, divorced lady with one child in high school. She is new to Colorado Springs and doesn’t know a soul here.
I said “What brings you to Colorado Springs?” She said “When my marriage ended I knew I wanted to move and I choose California, Arizona and Colorado as the three places I thought I would most like to live.” She and her daughter spent two months traveling to those three states and, as I have heard so many times, it even applies to me, when they drove through Colorado Springs they just had the feeling this was “home.” She is twice divorced and focused on not being divorced again. Her goal term goal is marriage. In the interview I always ask what their long term goal is as far as a relationship is concerned. She said “marriage.” I said “would you live with someone without being married?” Her scores are traditional and she is a strong believer so I expected her to say “no”, but she said “I was not intimate either time before I married and that did not work out so well, I’m not sure.” What impressed me most about this young lady is her determination to do everything she possibly can to not make another mistake. She saw my ad, went to my website and has been reading Donnas’ Daily Diary for the last two months. She came in ready to participate because she has every confidence I will help her find the right man. I am going to help her date, explore her options, stay focused on what is right for her and put herself first for a change. She has a lot to offer to a relationship and is definitely not meeting the right men. I matched her with one of my favorite clients an hour after she walked out of my office. I told her I have known him since 1987 and she said “oh, my goodness, you have been working with him for 23 years?” I said “No, I have known him for 23 years and he is a client for the second time around starting two years ago.” I was telling her about him and she realized I had not even opened his file. I knew his information off the top of my head and told her “he is one of the nicest men you will ever meet. He’s a wonderful father, has a successful career, a sharp dresser, fit, attractive, has lots of friends, is active, social, enjoys the arts, likes to travel and very easy to talk to” . She said “I want to meet him.” In a couple of days, she will.

Tomorrow I start my 20th year of business with Perfectly Matched. On October 6, 1991, I signed up four people my first day in business and the beat goes on. For the first few years all I heard was “only desperate people go to a dating service.” I had already worked for two national dating services in Denver for two years so I knew that wasn’t true. Today, almost everyone knows someone who has met someone through a dating service. I thank my clients for keeping me in business because, in spite of all the advertising I do, it is referrals from my clients that keep me in business. It does not seem possible that I have done this for twenty years because I feel like I could do it for twenty more. Although, I’m not sure people could relate to an 83 year old matchmaker, OR, maybe the older you are, the better, when it comes to being a matchmaker. That would be grand!

To be continued tomorrow…………………