October 8, 2010

This must be my week for signing up beautiful young ladies! My first appointment today is a lady, early 40’s,educated, one grade school child, and her long term goal is marriage. I made a complimentary introduction for her three years ago. They dated for about two weeks then one of those “show stopper” things came up and it ended. At that time, she chose not to continue with Perfectly Matched. Three years has made a big difference in how much more ready she is to find the right man. She said “Three years ago I had been divorced for two years and I thought I was ready but now I look back and realize I am in a much better place to invite someone into my life.” She is very fit and petite. Running is one of her favorite activities. She and her child really enjoy the great outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing. In fact, on one of their recent camping trips her child said “ you are a Mom and Dad rolled into one.” She is a strong believer and would love to have a man in her life who is also a strong believer. I am very glad she decided to come back and allow me to help her find him.

My second appointment is a young man who came in to tell me he just met someone at a party last night but he did not want to “no show” his appointment. I said “You could have called me instead of coming all the way here to tell me.” He said “I thought that would be rude and I wanted to see if I owed you any money for cancelling my appointment.” I said “No, it was nice of you to come in and tell me and if it doesn’t work out with this lady you know how to find me.” He is only 26, a little young for my service, although I do have some activity in the 20’s and I would like to have more. I think the sooner people get smarter about finding the right person to share their life, the better. It is probably the most life affecting decision anyone ever makes.

My third appointment is a “be back”, a lady I interviewed last November. She is mid 50’s, widowed, retired, very sweet and very shy. She said “When I met with you last year I was so afraid of going through the holidays by myself but I didn’t have the courage to try to meet someone, even with your help. I realize I may not meet anyone special before the holidays but, at least the possibility will exist.” I said “At the very least you will start meeting some quality, compatible men and having some fun.” She said “I tired the online dating services but almost every man I met came on too fast and it seemed to me they were mostly looking for sex.” I said “You don’t have the scores for rushing into an intimate situation and therefore the men who will be compatible with you should feel much the same way.” I also told her about my “three month” rule, no sex for the first three months because so many relationships that seem to have potential in the beginning don’t last three months. She said “It might take me longer than that because my husband was the only man I have ever been with intimately.” One of the men she met from the online services told her he did not want to compete with a ghost when she told him she was widowed and that the reason she did not want to have sex with him was because she was still in love with her dead husband. They had been out on two dates. That sent her back into her cave for awhile. It is sometimes hard to believe how rude and insensitive some people can be and he has no idea how his thoughtless comment has been ringing in this ladie’s head, shame on him!

I was walking across the street today and the mailman who delivers the mail to my office was suddenly walking beside me and he said “I can tell you how to get all the ladies you work with matched.” I said “How?” He said “Just tell them to wear red heels like the ones you have on, men LOVE red heels.” I laughed and said “Are you single?” He said “No, I’m married but I’m not dead.” Red heels, the secret is out.

To be continued Tuesday………