October 8, 2012

My first appointment is a man, late 50’s, divorced, educated, semi-retired, and his lone term goal is marriage. He is a “be back”, I interviewed him a year ago, but at that time he was not emotionally available.

He said “When I met with you the first time you asked me if I was emotionally available and in the right frame of mind to meet someone new. When I said I was you asked me the last time I had talked to the lady I had been dating. I said I had talked to her two days ago. You asked the last time I had seen her. I said three days ago. You asked me the last time I was intimate with her. I said three days ago. Then you asked me “If I was going to match you with a lady who is in the same situation with a man as you are with this lady, would you want to meet her?” I said no.”

I remember him well because when he said “no” I said “Well, then?” I told him I would love to hear from him when he could answer that question with “yes”.
He said “Today, YES, I am emotionally available and in the right frame of mind to meet someone new.” It constantly surprises me when people repeat my own words back to me. I had no idea how many times he thought about our conversation, and how it helped him to put things in perspective.

We went over his preferences from a year ago and he made a few changes. He opened up his age, height, and activity preferences. He cut back on some of his physical activities.
He said “I don’t NEED to do six mile hikes anymore, or ski every other weekend. I want to relax, enjoy conversation, feel connected, be affectionate, feel comfortable, look forward to seeing her, and miss her when we are apart.”

He loves to cook, enjoys theater, music, and travel. A lady who has the flexibility, desire, and time to travel is a huge plus.
The only thing missing in his life is the person to share it with.
Now I get to help him find her.

Thursday, 10-11-12, my fifth, and last, grandchild will be born…ALL BOYS. They range in age from twelve to two and a half. Their names are Topher (take the Chris off of Christopher) Soren, (the name of a medieval warrior in the 18th century in Scotland), Jacob (the most common name for boys for the last twelve years), Cash (who knows where that came from, but it fits him perfectly) and Wyatt…unless, according to my daughter, he does not look like a Wyatt.

I think Wyatt is going to look exactly like a Wyatt should look and I cannot wait to hold a baby, especially another grandchild, in my arms again!

To be continued……..