September 1, 2010

This diary was dated August 31, 2010 but I have spent the last 24 hours wallowing in computer never, never land. I intended to finish Donnas’ Daily Diary at about 10:15pm last night and what I saw when I turned on my computer was a totally black screen. After exercising my own limited computer skills, I called HP at 10:45pm and ended the call at 2:30am. I spent two hours and forty minutes talking to “Ron” in the Philippines. He had the patience of a saint but after taking my battery in and out 20 times in almost three hours, then telling me to get a Phillips screwdriver to take the hard drive out, I was done. First of all, no normal person has a Phillips screwdriver THAT small, and secondly, I wouldn’t know a hard drive if I saw it. He gave me a “ticket” number and said I should call back tomorrow and someone else could help me. I toss and turn all night thinking about all the “stuff” I have lost if it is lost in space. I got up this morning and plugged in my computer, as normal, expecting nothing to happen and it was normal. Nothing else could have bothered me for the rest of today. My computer was working and life was back to normal. It made me think about the fact that eight years ago I did not own a computer, I did not have a website for my business, I did not own a cell phone. Only eight years ago and, now, I spend half my life looking for my cell phone, I DO NOT like the panic I feel when my computer screen goes black, all my advertising is directed to my website, and I even know how to text message. This technological, immediate gratification climate has changed the face of relationships forever. I watched a documentary the other day about text messaging among preteen children. This young lady being interviewed said if she texted someone and it took him three hours to call her back, she knew he was not interested. Three hours. He could be at the dentist getting a crown for three hours. This young lady was 12 years old. This is one of those “this has nothing to do with matchmaking but has everything to do with life” stories.

My first appointment today is a lady, early 40’s, divorced, one child in college, and her long term goal is marriage. She is a referral from a friend who has been trying to get her to call me for years. I said “So, why did you finally call?” She said “Because I have tried everything else.” I said “Now I feel real special.” She has a great sense of humor and sees herself very clearly. I shared information with her on four men I thought would be good matches for her, and one of them was her ex husband. This happens occasionally and, thankfully, I do not think it will be a problem in this situation, in fact, she said “Oh, please find him a nice lady, I would love to see him happy.” Awww.

I matched a man who is a new client, as of a week ago, with his first match and it seems to have clicked. He was her third match and she felt “the conversation was easy and flowing, I was attracted to him, I liked his morals and values and I felt good about the meeting.” His feedback was mutual. This man is in his early 40’s, divorced, with one grown child. He is Hispanic and comes from a large, very large, family. If living out on some land with incredible gardens, flowers and vegetables, being included in a LARGE, loving family and being loved by a man who would treat you like a princess sounds good, call 260-1000.

To be continued tomorrow……………..