September 2, 2010

My first appointment today is a “be back”, a man I interviewed three weeks ago. He is early 50’s, divorced, no children, educated, and his long term goal is marriage. I already had his first match set up for him when he came in because I had all of his information from three weeks ago. He was married for over twenty years and has had one relationship since his marriage ended. I am looking forward to helping him date, have fun and explore his options, which is exactly what he needs to do. When you are in your early 50’s and only have two women as a basis of comparison, it is time to explore. He likes that idea but it also seems foreign to him. I said “Even if you like the first lady I introduce to you, I would recommend you keep your options open and meet one more lady.” He said “I have never dated more than one lady at a time and I don’t think that would feel comfortable to me.” I said “Then look at it this way, while you are getting to know someone I think it is appropriate to keep your options open to meet someone else, and if you are involved in a process that allows you to explore your options, why not take advantage of that? Also, any lady you meet through Perfectly Matched is also available to meet other men until she goes “on hold” and decides to be exclusive with someone.” I think one of the biggest mistakes people make when they are dating is as soon as they meet someone they are interested in, they stop meeting anyone else. I said “how do you know the next lady might not be someone you are equally, or more interested in getting to know?” He said “I will follow your advice because I guess you know what you are doing but I don’t want to mislead anyone.” I said “You won’t be misleading anyone because everyone knows that until they tell me to put them “on hold” they are available to meet someone new and, so are the men they are meeting.” He said “I am going to do whatever you recommend.” We are off to a good start.

My second appointment is a man, late 40’s, divorced, three times, has a child in elementary school, and his long term goal is marriage. I am not sure how someone who has been divorced three times can have the courage to want to be married again, but he does. He said “I love being married but I don’t like getting divorced, so I want you to find my next and last wife.” He has tattoos that are very obvious and he wanted to know how I thought the ladies would feel about the tattoos. I said “Lots of people have tattoos today but your entire arms are covered. Do you have tattoos anywhere else?” He said “No, just my arms.” I don’t usually mention tattoos when I make a match but in this case I feel I must, not only because they are obvious, but also they literally cover both of his arms. He is 5’8 and he is quitting smoking before joins Perfectly Matched. He said “I had no idea that smoking would be that big of a deal.” I said “It is BY FAR the most limiting factor when it comes to matching, non smokers will not meet smokers.” He said “I am going to quit and call you next week.” I hope he does.

You can tell this is a holiday week because things are slowing down, but September and October are two of my busiest months is business. This week will be like the calm before the storm for me and I always love the fall because everyone starts thinking about the holidays and sharing them with someone special. Now is the time to get involved if you want the opportunity to be with someone special by the holidays. If it does not happen for this holiday season, there is no time frame on my service and there will always be other holidays, but at this point there is still time to be standing under the mistletoe with someone special before 2011.

To be continued tomorrow………………………..