September 11, 2010

My first appointment today is a man, late 50’s, educated, divorced, grown kids, and his long term goal is marriage. He said, with no hesitation, “MARRIAGE.” I said “It sounds like you definitely know you want to be married.” He said “I do, and I have been surprised at the number of ladies I have met who know they do not want to be married.” I said “Your scores are quite traditional and a lady who would be compatible would most likely also want to be married. Maybe you just aren’t meeting the right ladies.” He said “you think it’s that simple?” Actually, I think it is most likely that simple. Statistics say your odds of meeting someone you are compatible with on your own are less than 3%. Most people meet through work, friends, church and bars. Initially you base your choice on physical attraction, everyone puts their best foot forward and expects with the chemistry and attraction everything else will fall into place. My experience as a matchmaker has shown if you are incompatible in more than two of the six major personality areas from the profile test, if you do not have the same long term goals as far as a relationship is concerned, if you do not have some or any shared interests and activities, if the issues like smoking, drinking, kids, pets, intellectual compatibility, and income are not compatible, the physical attraction only takes you so far. On the flip side, when all those things do line up, someone who are already attracted to becomes more and more attractive to you. What I do at Perfectly Matched is opposite from what people do on their own. I start with the things that matter, add the mutual physical attraction, then there is much more potential for success. He was very impressed with the ladies I spoke with him about and he is now a new client. He enjoys his family, golf, travel, boating, hiking, theater, the symphony, he is a classy dresser, and he likes animals. An all around very match able guy!

My second appointment rescheduled because “it is such a beautiful day I am going to drive to Buena Vista and go to the Hot Springs.” I totally understood and told her she was my last appointment for the day so I was going to leave early and go lay by the pool. She was so pleased that changing her appointment benefitted me too.

This evening I was invited to a cocktail party given by Pike Education. What a fabulous organization! Founded twelve years ago by a few people who had a desire to help children who would otherwise never be expected to go to college become good students, make good grades, and go to college. I was able to talk with several of the young men and women who have successfully completed the program and it was very uplifting. One young man has graduated from college and is back teaching at his previous high school. Another young lady who has just been accepted into the program was inspired by her sister who participated and is now is her third year of college. All of their stories were told with thankfulness and humility because they know how much their lives have been forever changed by the sincere desire of a few people who just wanted to help them. Peak Education is much larger than a few people today and continues to grow but I believe all of the original founders where also present, still as strong in their commitment as ever, and it is easy to see why. The “proof is in the pudding” and these young people are a shining example of the success of Peak Education. I am volunteering my time and resources and would encourage anyone who is also interested to visit their website at As I drove away an old saying came to mind, “You can judge the character of a person by how they treat someone who can do absolutely nothing for them.” Peak Education’s definition is “Generous individuals committed to helping youth succeed.” A very worthy cause.

To be continued Tuesday………………..