September 15, 2010

My first appointment is a lady, early 40’s, divorced, one grown child, self employed, loves her job, and her long term goal is a committed relationship, possibly marriage. Her ex-husband is almost twenty years older than her and the man she had been dating for two years is almost twenty years younger than her. I said “What was it like to be with men who were forty years apart in age?” She was very complimentary of her ex-husband but she said “I feel much more comfortable with younger men. I felt like a teenager again.” I asked her if she was emotionally available to move on with someone new and she said “definitely!” She has been reading my daily diaries and she likes the idea of exploring her options to have a better basis of comparison. She said “Feeling like a teenager again wasn’t all good. I don’t have time to try to find someone on my own and I have seen your ads for years.” I shared information with her on four men who matched her profile and she is now a new client. She said “if you write about me in your dairy please don’t refer to me as a “cougar”. I was a wife for twenty plus years and with a man twenty years younger for two years, I might find someone my own age, or older, very appealing.” I said “I never thought of you as a “cougar” because you have not dated enough to be labeled anything.” She laughed and said “ but I will let you know if I start feeling like a “cougar”. She is going to be fun to work with!

My second appointment today is a man, mid 50’s, divorced, educated, grown children, and his long term goal is marriage. He is a very smart man, with a number of patents to his credit. He is a lover of science and a lady who shares an interest in science would be a huge plus. He would like to build a solar home with the right lady and establish a more self sufficient way of living independently, i.e., solar living, growing your own food, etc. He is very proud of his children and very involved in their lives. He would love to travel with someone special. He would love to do just about everything with someone special. He can retired at any time. He is in an excellent place to meet the right person. He said “My kids are all doing great, my career is fulfilling but I miss having someone special in my life and I have been thinking about calling you for years.” This was my second “I have been thinking about it for years” in just two interviews which makes me want to say to anyone who is reading this and has been “thinking about it for years”, now is a good time to call!

To be continued tomorrow……………………