September 18, 2012

I signed up four new clients last week but it was a whirlwind of a week with both of my brothers in town and all the appointments we had in reference to settling our Dad’s estate. In a nutshell, here are the basics on each of the new clients:

My first appointment is a lady, mid 30’s, divorced, educated, and her long term goal is marriage. I met her in an elevator and before we parted I gave her my business card. She is absolutely adorable! She has not been in a long term relationship for almost ten years because she has been devoted to raising her teenage child. She has recently been thinking about making her personal a priority again so our meeting was great timing.

She works in the education system but she is also an artist. Ultimately she would like to teach art therapy. She enjoys hiking, music, concerts, travel, and she loves to cook. She is open to all races, is flexible on her height and age preference for a man, and smart as a whip!

My second appointment is a lady, also mid 30’s, divorced, educated, her long term goal is marriage and children. She plans to retire in four years from a 20 year military career. She should be able to finish up her military career and stay in Colorado Springs.

She snowboards, works out five times a week, runs five to seven miles twice a week, enjoys mountain biking, spectator sports, music, concerts, reading. She just sold her motorcycle, but plans to buy another one. She used to do the Incline, but quit doing it when she could no longer bring her dog. I have some great matches for her!

My third appointment is a lady, early 40’s, divorced, educated, her long term goal is marriage, and she would like to have another child. In fact, she is so serious about having another child that she has looked into adoption, or a sperm donor.

She runs, hikes, bikes, exercises regularly and enjoys staying fit, and is a certified scuba diver. Reading and travel are also an important part of her life. She grew up camping almost every weekend and still enjoys doing it occasionally. She is tall, thin and beautiful!

My fourth appointment is a lady, early 50’s, divorced, has no children, her long term goal is a serious relationship, possible marriage.

She skis, plays golf, does cross fit, hikes, enjoys theater, concerts, plays and does volunteer work. Although she does not have children, she loves kids and coaches three and four year olds in different sports.

She said “I love coaching the younger kids because they are so free spirited and there are no great expectations. They show up, have fun, and there is no pressure from the parents.”

Last week was my week for interviewing ladies and this week I already have appointments set with three men.

I feel like today has been my first normal day back to work since my dad died two weeks ago. Much of the last two weeks seems like a blur, and I have been a little “off”. I was stopped at a stop light the other day and a man next to me honked his horn. I rolled down my window and he said “Your gas tank lid is open.” I was looking for my cell phone and realized I was talking on it. I missed my exit off the highway that I have taken a thousand times.

Being at my office and getting back into the interviewing, matching and talking with my clients is what makes everything seem right again.
I had a great conversation with a client who was really wanting my input on his new relationship with a lady. They had an awkward situation occur and he was not sure how to handle it. We talked for about twenty minutes and he said “Donna, you have a PHD in emotional common sense.” That felt good!

Fall is definitely in the air the last few nights and the holidays will be here before you know it. Now is a great time to call and come in for an interview. One hour of your time, and I will know how many matches I have for you! Maybe your date for the Christmas party is waiting for you at Perfectly Matched..I’m just sayin’!

To be continued………………………………