September 21, 2012

My first appointment today is a lady, mid 40’s, divorced, one child in college, and her long term goal is marriage. Now that her only child is in college, she is ready to make her personal a priority and meet the right man.

She said “I have been a single parent for the last ten years and my child has been my first priority. Her father has not been in the picture since we divorced and I was basically a mother and a father.” She had a serious relationship that lasted two years right out of her marriage, but found it too difficult to raise a child alone, and be in a relationship.

She said “I have absolutely no regrets. I have a wonderful, well rounded daughter that I am very proud of, but now it’s my turn!”

She went out dancing with a couple of her girlfriends recently and she was flattered by the attention she got from men but they were much younger than her and the whole bar scene was totally out of her comfort zone.

She said “I am so not a cougar. I would be much more comfortable with a man closer to my age.”

She is an excellent downhill skier, and has a season pass. A man who enjoys skiing would be a real plus. She loves to cook, hike, travel, and plays tennis on a women’s league. She is fit, active, and appreciates a man who takes care of himself.

She said “Donna, I am not interested in meeting a lot of men. I want to meet one special man and have the winter of a lifetime. Go skiing, take a trip, have intimate conversations in front of a fireplace in a cabin in the woods, go holiday shopping together, share Thanksgiving and Christmas with our families, go to Whole Foods and back to my place or his and cook a great breakfast or dinner. I want to fall madly, passionately, hopelessly in LOVE!

I said “You haven’t thought about this at all, have you?”
She laughed and said “I have thought about it for ten years and I am ready for it to happen.”
I said “It could happen, but Thanksgiving is just two months from now. Why don’t we just focus on the idea that you are going to meet some great, quality, compatible men, date, and have fun.
She said “I will be in love by Christmas.”

ALrighty then, if you think you will, you will.

My second appointment is a man, late 40’s, divorced, educated, and he has shared custody of his children.
When I asked him what his long term goal is as far as a relationship is concerned, he said “Coming to see you is my first effort towards getting back to dating. Right now I am interested in friendship and companionship.”
I said “I agree. You are just beginning to date. You should explore your options. With the right lady do you eventually see yourself in a serious relationship?”
He said “With the right lady I could see myself married again, eventually, but I am in no hurry.”

He enjoys the quality of life in Colorado Springs.
He said “I have traveled all over the world and there is no place I would rather live than Colorado Springs.”
He is a Bronco fan, goes to at least a couple of games a year and an avid CC hockey fan. He plays golf and, although it is not a show stopper, it would be great if a lady also liked to golf, or is willing to try it. He goes to the theater in Denver and, occasionally New York. He is also involved with his kids and their activities.

He is attracted to a lady who takes care of herself, but he does not mind if she is 10 or 15 pounds over her ideal weight.
He said “After all, I could afford to lose a few pounds myself.” I laughed because he does not look like he needs to lose any weight and I have had men who are way more than a few pounds overweight tell me they want a woman who is fit and trim.

He is good looking, tall, very down to earth, very involved and connected to his kids, has a wonderful job, is successful, and very, very nice.

I am excited to have him as a new client and I look forward to helping him start this new phase of his life. I have some great matches for him!

I got to see an ultrasound of my new grandson. It looked like he was already here and sleeping in his crib! His expected due date is 10-11-12. He will be my 5th and last grandchild, all boys! Talk about the circle of life…lose a father, have a new grandson. I can’t wait to hold him!

To be continued…….