September 22, 2010

Due to computer problems I have been unable to post Donnas’ Daily Diary since September 16th. I said I was in computer “never, never” land when my computer went black on me a few weeks ago. Little did I know, after computer “never, never” land is computer hell. BUT, a new LCD screen, a few screws tightened, $400 and five days later, I think my computer is alive and well. Another computer is now being cloned to help me avoid ever being held hostage by a black screen again. Another computer in my life, whoopee!

I will catch up on the new clients and activity of the last few days in the next few days. I especially want to share my experience about an interview I had Saturday with a most unusual young man and the type of woman he is seeking. Think Twilight Zone.

To be continued tomorrow, never to be interrupted again because of a computer….dare I say?