September 28, 2010

Well, be careful what you say. I ended my dairy last Wednesday with “To be continued tomorrow never to be interrupted by a computer again…dare I say?” My computer worked for two hours and went back to a black screen. I took it back to Computer Resources and they could not fix it. My new computer was not downloaded and ready until today ,so I have been in computer limbo. I also have another new computer at my office and everything from my old computer has been downloaded to both of them and I have all my “stuff” back. I went from computer never, never land to computer hell to computer limbo and now computer heaven in the last eleven days. My internet also went down at my office and my cell phone went dead today. I have had enough technical problems in the last eleven days to last me a lifetime. It’s really a little frightening how much it affected my life and my business. Additionally, I now have internet access on my new phone which makes me even more “connected”. I would NEVER have thought I would be so tied to technology but in today’s world it’s all about immediate response, immediate everything. I am not going to say anything else to jinx myself but HOPEFULLY, I can get back to life as usual, including Donnas’ Daily Dairy.

I mentioned a young man I interviewed a week ago Saturday and I don’t want to leave that hanging in the air. He is early 30’s, ABS, tall, scary intelligent and seems to know and live a life which is quite unique. He was absolutely, positively open on all of his preferences. Although he wants children his age preference is 22 to 99. I said “How could you have children with a 99 year old lady?” He said “If she is the right person to be in my life it will all work out.” He is open to all races, any height, and any educational level. I asked him his level of education and he said “I was home schooled and I am totally proficient in all levels.” One of the most interesting things about this young man was he didn’t seem young at all. He was young looking but he seemed like a very old soul in a very young body and he literally smiled throughout the entire interview. His level of enthusiasm seemed so genuine and real that I could not help but wonder if he could possibly be as happy as he seemed. I have matched him and his feedback on the meeting was very positive. The lady I matched him with wanted to come talk to me personally about their meeting and she was going to come in Saturday to talk with me but on her way to my office she had a fender bender and I have not yet spoken to her. I cannot wait to hear what she has to say about their meeting.

I have decided it will be too time consuming to try to mention all the new people and feedback that has occurred in the last eleven days so tomorrow I will continue with Donnas Daily Diary on a daily basis and while I would love to say “Never to be interrupted again by a computer” I have been humbled by my experience of the last eleven days and I can’t help but wonder how far we will all go before it becomes ridiculous.

To be continued tomorrow….and as much as I want to say something else, I will just say, to be continued tomorrow and cross my fingers that this new computer lets me do what I need to do to post this. There’s nothing like being humbled to remind you not to take anything for granted.